Planters have two jobs. Look good and provide a service to the plant. A planter keeps the root structure protected, allows for drainage, retains moisture, and allows for easy transportation whenever a plant needs to be picked up and moved.

For artificial potted plants, the beauty here is that a lot of the function is removed. These plants aren’t watered so no drainage is needed. There is no root structure or anything like that, either.

The planters you use for fake plants become like any other home décor item. They’re purely decorative.

The best planter for faux plants is ultimately what looks best in your home. You have several possible types of planters to look at.

Brass Planters

Brass planters are quite dynamic. They can be purposed in vintage and rustic aesthetics or, alternatively, luxurious décor aesthetics.

They aren’t the usual choice when selecting a planter because of the fact that they can rust with moisture. A faux plant makes it so that the brass is protected, however. There is no watering so brass certainly works in this instance.

Metal Planters

A coated metal planter is highly stylish, minimalist, and modern. They are some truly uniquely designed planters that you can move to anywhere in the home and they should fit in with almost anything.

For an added impact, you can pack your metal planter with a premium-grade faux plant handcrafted and hand-painted.

Natural Planters

Natural planters are made from natural materials like seagrass and the like. With real plants, all-natural planters can face some trouble as they are exposed to the elements and moisture. An artificial plant, once again, doesn’t bring any of that with them. This makes it more than feasible to use a natural planter and have it look wonderfully gorgeous.

Cement Planters

Cement planters are perfect for faux plants that are a little on the heavy side and need some additional weight to keep them upright.

Any time you are buying large, tall fake plants, your cement planter is going to keep it stable indoors or outdoors. Cement can also be painted and decorated in various ways that make them easy to fit into an existing home décor style.


A beautifully shaped vase is another option if you are working with faux flowers or a series of individual stems. They will not work for any sort of potted artificial plant, however. A vase usually gets reserved for temporary usage, such as with faux flowers for a wedding or similar special occasions.


Baskets are made from a wide variety of materials and are another way to house your artificial plants. Depending on a basket’s design, you may find they can be used as hanging baskets or hanging planters as well.

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Andrew Lu