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Article: How to Clean Fake Plant Leaves to Make Them Look Like New

 How to Clean Fake Plant Leaves to Make Them Look Like New

How to Clean Fake Plant Leaves to Make Them Look Like New

You can see it happening before your very eyes. Plant leaves looking faded, dusty, and unappealing.

Having a fake plant wasn’t supposed to take any work. Yet, here we are. An accumulation of dust has rendered your most prized plant to look old and cheap.

Dust is fairly common when it comes to faux plants. It’s not tough to remove so long as it’s not sitting on the plant for years. Dust and debris will be the biggest threat to any artificial greenery. Fortunately, they’re very easy to clean.

You can restore old faux plants to looking like new again simply by using something like a soap-and-water spray or wiping down the leaves with a microfiber cloth. This is how to clean plant leaves to make them look like new.

Soap-And-Water Mixtures

Create a soap and water mixture in a squirt bottle. A dab of soap and lots of warm water. To clean an artificial plant, spray it on and wipe it away. It’s easy. For big messes and things that aren’t coming off so easily, soap and water works.

An alternative is half-vinegar and half-water. This is something you can certainly try, however, vinegar’s acidic. In time, that sort of acidity may cause fading in some fake plants. Soap and water works just as well, if not better, and is a lot safer.

Microfiber Cloths Are Dry And Efficient

In a lot of cases, you won’t even need to use soap and water. A microfiber cloth works just as well. Take a microfiber cloth, fold it over in your hand, and wipe down leaves individually. Use your judgment as a guide in how hard to press and how to safely clean a fake plant.

A microfiber cloth will do a lot of the work. It naturally pulls up dust, smudges, and debris from artificial plant leaves. It’s a cleaning tool you definitely want to have on-hand at all times. It will eventually come in handy and will save you from having to put together any sort of liquid mixture.

Is Your Faux Plant Premium And Well-Made?

There are, of course, limitations on how good you can get an artificial plant looking. Cheap greenery is, more or less, always going to look that way. Over time, it’s only going to get a little cheaper-looking.

When you buy artificial plants online, search out premium plants from a source that values the details.

If you have a premium faux plant, you stand a fair chance at keeping it looking immaculate for decades. A fake plant can easily last for years looking lively. Brands like are handpainting and handcrafting faux plants, filling the marketplace with high-quality designs that weren’t available in years past. To make your old fake plant leaves look like new, start with greenery that actually stands a good chance at looking realistic and amazing.

Shop with today and find dozens of realistically-detailed plants, flowers, and greenery. See Bird of Paradise plants, faux fern plants, succulents, wreaths, artificial tabletop plants, and more.

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