Interior designers love faux plants. They’re used as décor in homes, offices, and public spaces often.

As an alternative to real plants, fake plants just work. They always look their best and that appearance is maintained long-term with very little care.

Let’s be clear with what we’re saying. If you are thinking about decorating with silk plants, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Artificial plants aren’t an affront to gardeners or botanists. They certainly aren’t an offense to plant-lovers. Faux plants fit into a whole separate category, even when they look and feel the same as the real thing.

For those who aren’t already hooked onto fake plant design concepts, here are a few tips, recommendations, and rules to decorating to remember.

Always Buy Quality

Buy high-quality silk plants online. Always go with quality. Only the best faux plants work in decorating.

It may cost a little more but it’s worth it on aesthetics alone. By starting with real-looking materials – from trunk and stem to the leaves – you’ve got everything you need to make an impression.

Low-quality plants aren’t ever going to look better than low-quality. That’s the ultimate rule.

Mix Faux with Real

Live plants aren’t inherently a bad thing. They just need to be taken care of. Some interior designers mix real with fake and the results are often extravagant.

By mixing faux plants with what’s real, you blur the line between which one is which. It’s a challenge, however, to ensure your artificial plants are dust-free and that your real plants are watered.

Though it’s more of a commitment, you can do a lot with a real/faux combination. An arrangement with a small garden indoors or outdoors, a plant wall, or a multi-tier garden presenting your best faux plants are all creative ways to keep the visual interesting.

Only Certain Plants Look Good As Artificial Plants

When searching for faux plants, know that you may not find every plant option to be realistic-looking.

Think about what looks realistic to you. Browsing a catalogue like ArtiPlanto is a great starting place. You expose yourself to different plants and can make the judgment call on what best represents you and your personality.

In Placement, Treat Your Faux Plant Like A Real Plant

A key rule for decorating with fake plants is to put your plant somewhere it could grow if it was real.

Think about light exposure, for example. This will trick you and others into thinking a silk plant is authentic.

Don’t put it somewhere that will immediately give it away as a fake plant. The best faux plants come across as authentic and real when they’re placed somewhere in the room that appears natural.

Decorating with fake plants are a designer’s dream. You place them where you need them. Nothing more is needed. If you are an interior designer, realism matters with artificial plants. Even the most creative eye relies on real-looking plants to achieve the look they want. There’s one place to shop for the best. Shop premium-made faux plants from ArtiPlanto.

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