Lovely. Beautiful. Memorable. These words come to mind when thinking of descriptors for weddings.

Among the list of wedding decorations a marrying couple will decide on include plants and greenery.

Whether your wedding is going to be indoors or outdoors, incorporating faux and real plants contributes a lot in crafting the right vibe, aesthetic, and atmosphere.

Regardless of when your wedding’s being hosted in the year, there are always artificial plants ready to be put to work.

Fall And Winter Weddings

Fall and winter weddings are notoriously challenging. Beyond the unpredictable weather, a limited selection of real flowers can make it impossible to find the right greenery for your event.

Here is where faux comes into play as a wedding plant suggestion. Buy fake plants for a plant aesthetic you can bank on.

Even when traditional flowers are out of season, you can have anything with artificial plants.

Premium, handcrafted designs look just like the real thing. They’re no-fuss, don’t need any watering, and are ready to go from the moment they arrive. 

How to Use Fake Plants In Your Wedding

  1. It’s your wedding. You choose the plant type, size, and color. A lot of this comes down to your personal preference and what suits the wedding venue. Just like any other component of your event, wedding plant décor relies on your opinion. It all starts there.
  1. A wedding plant expert can coordinate the faux plants in the room but this can be accomplished alone. Consider where you want to place your plants in the location. Wedding artificial flowers can be centerpieces, accents, or coupled in smaller arrangements. Diversity works.
  1. Consider what elements you want to incorporate with your wedding plant design. Your lighting is most important. Light attracts the eye. It calls attention to presentation. Accessorizing your plants with lights and other items can prove stylishly eye-catching.

Popular Plants for Weddings

Wedding décor services often go for flowing vines, lush plants, leafy plants, and delicate faux ferns. Here are some of our favourites in the artificial plant category, as chosen by wedding decorators.

  • Decorative topiaries provide a visual guide for the dimensions of a wedding space. Combine them with columns and pathways. Place them inside a backdrop mixed with other plants. The possibilities are endless.
  • Poinsettias and hydrangeas are robust, blossom-heavy, and are absolutely perfect for a wedding occasion.
  • When discussing artificial plants for weddings, we have to bring up ferns. From their handcrafted earthy stems to the artistic bursts of green leaves, ferns are delicate in appearance and an excellent choice for the occasion.

There are no limits to what you can do for your wedding with faux plants. With or without real plants, you can always count on artificial greenery to deliver a consistently lovely look. Explore your creativity. Consider the possibilities. Your wedding is yours to decorate. There are endless combinations of plants you can use to create a lively, magical wedding day. View luxurious, quality-made artificial plants for weddings today from ArtiPlanto.

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