Most offices have a very bland vibe and there is nothing more positive than plants to cheer things up without having to disturb the formal atmosphere of the space. 

Most offices follow boring colour schemes of blue, beige and such as variations that are not always inviting, so fake plants are the best way to almost instantly create a welcoming atmosphere. You may also be surprised the impact plants may have in the general morale and change in the mental well-being of the employees. 

In many ways the benefits of incorporating plants in a home office are similar. Whether you are looking to add charm to a small home office or a large office which greets employees and clients regularly, fake plants are a must-have, so read on to find out the top 10 reasons highlighting their benefits. 

Aesthetic appeal 

First impressions matter the most in a place of business than anywhere else as it will persuade a client or an employee to build a rapport with the company. Further everything natural has a spark of beauty and fake plants are no different. If you are in an office space that is dying to get a splash of colour because the surroundings are all drowning in the shades of grey and beige feel free to add a variety of colourful fake plants. To make things a notch more creative use vibrant coloured pots and fun shapes. To maximize the potential of your space take some feedback and make a bold statement. 


Several studies have proved that plants help reduce blood pressure which helps to boost the ability to focus leading to enhancing the performance of the employee and the final measurable goal is boost in productivity. As strange as this may sound, plants, especially fake plants blend so well that landscaping with faux plants is the best investment for an office space. Or if there is not a lot of outdoor space then the most popular ways to add greenery in a vertically expanded office space with cubicles or offices is a rooftop garden or green space in the lunchroom which is an instant crowd magnet. 


When we are amidst nature either walking or just taking it all in observing nature in a park our brain triggers signals that make us feel comfortable. Fake plants tend to have a similar impact on us without having to worry about maintenance. Further, as we have the natural tendency to associate ourselves seeking a need to fulfil our desire to feel comfortable even while being in a very formal atmosphere — fake plants just serve the purpose with ease. 

It is not always possible to expose ourselves to a natural setting with our fast-paced lives so adding fake plants is the best way to compromise for our natural urge. Including fake plants into office space will help you unleash a different kind of freedom that just cannot be expressed in words but can be in many ways portrayed through your goal-achieving abilities and in the long run this helps boost morale and well-being. 

Alexandru Popa