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Article: Tips on How to Style Your Indoor Space with Artificial Plants & Planters

Tips on How to Style Your Indoor Space with Artificial Plants & Planters

Tips on How to Style Your Indoor Space with Artificial Plants & Planters

Before you start to enjoy the benefits of artificial plants and planters, it’s imperative to choose appropriately for space you’re filling. Even the trendiest planter requires a careful eye on placement.

Artificial plants, in the right planter, can help us relax, reduce stress, and bring a little more atmosphere into the room. Whether your style game is on-par or you’re a beginner that’s just purchased their first planter, we want to share a few tips on how to style an indoor space to minimize conflict.

The Planter Is Just As Important As the Artificial Plant

So much focus goes on selecting the right artificial plant that we don’t often give attention to what planter it’s coming in. There are all sorts of planters out there, in varying designs.

Browsing planters at ArtiPlanto, you will find so much to choose from. You have large bamboo floor planters next to smaller seagrass planters and wooden stands. There are also braided planters, water hyacinth natural round floor planters, mid-century style planters, tabletop and desktop planters, mushroom planters, and those that come with hairpin legs.

Consider Shapes, Colors & Elements in the Room

Just like an artificial plant brings with it a shape, a color, and a vibe, so does the planter. Look around. You don’t want the color conflicting nor the shape. If you have a modern, minimalist-inspired interior home design, you will want a planter that doesn’t conflict with the aesthetic established.

The process of selecting a planter is a gradual narrowing-down. Eliminate the colors, i.e. light shades v. darker hues. Eliminate aesthetics that don’t match and pay attention to the overall shape of the planter. It likely will only take a couple of minutes to eventually get down to the optimum planter for space.

Will Your Artificial Plant Blend In or Be A Talking Point?

Artificial plants either do one of two things in interior design – blend in or stand out. When you choose a container or planter that’s visually interesting, you may want to show it off a bit by placing it somewhere that is easily caught by the eye.

Some homeowners group smaller artificial plants to create a unified look, such as a tabletop garden. If this is you, we like the rule of three. There’s just something about plants that work when they’re in groups of three. You can use the same planter for all three or alternatively, one planter for two plants and a similar yet different planter for your third plant. This also adds interest from an aesthetic perspective.

Embrace Minimalism

The last thing we want to mention when it comes to styling an indoor space with planters and artificial plants is to give your planter enough space to be seen. Regardless of whether your faux plants are in a floor planter, on your desk, or on a shelf, try to give them some breathing room.

Even if your space isn’t dressed in minimalism, plants – real or artificial – aren’t made to be non-visible. If you buy an artificial plant or planter and position it away from view or group it in with various other things that are only creating a ‘busy’ aesthetic, you’re cutting down the visual impact of a planter. Less is more – in interior design, this is always true.

For high-quality artificial plants and planters, visit ArtiPlanto. Browse dozens of options for your space and bring to your space the trendy vibe you want without having to tie yourself into watering and taking care of non-artificial plant. Order online today. We deliver to your front door contact-free!

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