Artificial hanging plants are one of the best outdoor treatments to accent not just your yard but to create a welcoming atmosphere by your doorstep too. When it comes to picking hanging plants there are not a lot of distractions out there; as the options are limited yet a lot of varieties. With something in store for everyone depending on how much you are looking to spend and the space you have in mind with the fuss of no mess or maintenance. Plus it is an easy way to add a pop of green almost instantly.  


Whether you are looking to display a tropical glory or looking to put something creative in the shady spot on your front or back porch — a Boston Fern is the best choice. While choosing a Boston Fern, always look for something that is elegant, yet mimics the real plant so much that it may get everyone fooled and tempted to water them. Also be mindful of choosing an elegant pot to further flaunt the beauty of the Boston Fern, a perfect artificial plant outdoors.

Also a Boston Fern can be a colourful plant so don’t be fearful to unleash your creative side and choose the faux plant with some colourful stems. As pruning is something a real plant may need to look beautiful for a long time, so don’t be afraid to prune an artificial Boston Fern to help it look at the real plant with some TLC. 

Hanging Ivy bush 

Owning an English Ivy is like celebrating some love while glancing over the most beautiful heart-shaped leaves. Also as this plant comes in various colors. English Ivy is one of the most popular artificial plants when it comes to hanging outdoor plants.  As an English Ivy bush is available in many colors and sizes it is important to choose a plant that has elegant leaves and marking to make a bold statement. 

So place the English Ivy bush hanging basket in an area where there is indirect sunlight it will look so beautiful. Although most English Ivy varieties are placed indoors; however it is a less known fact that an artificial ivy plant is really suitable alongside outdoor seating areas. Don’t be afraid to add some moss to the hanging ivy bush basket for a more realistic look in comparison to a real English Ivy bush. As a pro tip, when choosing an English Ivy bush look for broad and elegant leaves that have that evergreen charm we all long! 

Choosing hanging artificial plants for outdoors is a great way to add greenery as well as make a statement that sometimes less is more when it comes to decorating your porch or front yard with something other than a real plant is not a bad idea. 

Also, don’t let yourself fall in the plot of hindering your creative flair and have lots of fun while you decide to pick an artificial hanging plant that not only displays your personal statement but in the process helps your home and style statement stand out.

Alexandru Popa