The best artificial plants are often a combination of what you’d expect in classic, traditional choices with trendy, Instagram-ready fake greenery.

This year, among New Yorkers, you have some excellent picks. From fluffy, realistic-looking faux plants to hard potted succulents, here are some of the favourites coming out of US’ biggest metropolitan area.

Artificial Ficus

Ficus plants are one of the top fake plants for New Yorkers for a reason. Built with a real wood trunk, you don’t get closer to a real looking artificial plant than this. No ficus bush compares to ArtiPlanto’s.

Searching for an ArtiPlanto ficus bush, once you have it, you can play around with the presentation. Add in fake dirt, moss, rocks, baskets, pots, planters, or whatever floats your boat. Homes and offices both are common rooms that pull off the fake ficus bush look.

Artificial Fig Trees

Fig trees make for immaculate foliage for any office, home, or event. They work anywhere, featuring just like a piece of artwork or furniture would.

Fig trees add a soothing decorative element and can be manipulated according to the appearance you want. Regardless of how much sun a room gets or what the climate is like, artificial fig trees will always look mighty great for the years to come.

Artificial Succulents

Succulents give you the look of a small garden and can be combined to create something extraordinarily unique. Faux potted succulents are decorative and don’t look any different compared to the real thing.

Very trendy right now, faux succulents in a clean, modern, minimalist planter fits well almost anywhere. They’re also small enough to fit onto any bookshelf, office desk, bedside table, or windowsill.

Artificial Boston Ferns

Silk plants can be absolutely gorgeous. The artificial Boston fern is a glorious example of how beautiful artificial plants are, with the ability to craft the shape and look you want while maintaining it all without any watering, light, or temperature needed.

A full-leafed Boston fern is graceful and commonly positioned in hanging pots or home entertainment settings. They bring a little bit of outside indoors and sit well in existing décor, regardless of how shady the room is.

Artificial Aloe Plants

Aloe plants are modern, look great, and feature extremely well in a collection of potted plants. New Yorkers love artificial plants like aloe plants which can be purposed in a wide variety of environments.

Fake aloe plants are relatively small which makes them advantageous for smaller rooms, apartments, or New York condos. Decorating smaller spaces can be tough. With fake plants though, you always have something to put in.

Artificial Palm Trees

Palm trees have a long reputation as a sunny tropical plant and this is why offices in particular adore them.

In settings where there’s a lot of focus, concentration, and sometimes conflict or pressure, a little sun in the form of an artificial palm tree isn’t such a bad thing. Palm trees from ArtiPlanto look lifelike, are handcrafted, and made from premium materials.

Artificial Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise plants are known as a symbol of freedom and paradise. It is another tropical plant, commonly known for being grown in South Africa.

A centerpiece or with the ability to blend in into the background, an artificial Bird of Paradise is detailed and very realistic-looking. Like other faves on this list of artificial plants in New York, it is very difficult to grow a Bird of Paradise in a colder climate. A fake Bird of Paradise provides you with a hack!

Catch all these top artificial plants in New York from ArtiPlanto today. Customize your home or office space today with room-ready fake plants, with featured ferns and fig trees to succulents and more!
andrew lu