Some artificial plants look so real that they’re actually considered better than the real thing.

Through more realistic design, attention to detail, and improved plant-making materials, faux plants have been getting tremendous acclaim as of late.

If you’ve ever yearned for a garden you didn’t have to take care of, fake plants are a great alternative to achieve it. Save the frustration of trying to maintain precious houseplants and bouquets of slow-to-die flowers.

There are a lot of hyper-realistic fake plants on the market. Stylish and trendy, they’re indistinguishable from their real counterpart.

This list of ArtiPlanto picks showcase the best fake plants, the most realistic fake plants, and the trendiest fake plants today.

Fake Cactus Plants

Among the best fake plants that look real, cactus plants have to be at the top of anyone’s list. Perfect for the home and kitchen, while also looking exceptional on any office desk, cactus artificial plants are totally lifelike with thick green stems and hints of desert landscape in every millimetre of detail.

Faux Spiral Trees

Spiral trees add shape and adventure to both indoor and outdoor settings. Another common search technique for fake trees and artificial greenery like this is to look at artificial boxwood topiaries. These are great for larger rooms and expanded environments where a decorator is focused on filling space.

Faux Succulents

Succulents look so real! Down to the finest detail, there’s no visual difference between a real succulent and an artificial one. For the most realistic-looking faux succulents, see an assorted collection at ArtiPlanto. Small and stylish, succulents are an underrated design element that, thankfully, more and more millennials are coming to appreciate.

Faux Dracaena Plants

A faux Dracaena plant is one of the most common trees sought by interior decorators and designers. Lush green leaves, brown stems, and eye-catching detail make the Dracaena hard to pass up. Spruce up a dining room and set them up in the corner of an office to brighten up the atmosphere in a big way.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

Fiddle leaf fig trees are tough to care for. Fortunately, as a silk plant, a fiddle leaf requires no maintenance. An easy hack, this is one of the best fake trees for any home or office. With an attention-grabbing tall single stem design, the faux fiddle leaf fig tree has been trending in the world of décor for a long time and once you see it in your space, you’ll know why.

Faux Jade Plants

Jade plants make for unique décor and are used in homes across the globe to contribute to a myriad of looks. A far easier commitment in plant care, a fake jade plant looks real without the hassle of watering it and ensuring it’s got enough sunshine.

There are dozens of faux plants that you’d never know were fake available from ArtiPlanto. Succulents that come sturdy, spider plants that are architecture marvels, and boxwood topiaries all fit the bill. Flank a space with real-looking fake plants that can’t be denied. Believe us when we say that guests will be none the wiser. They’ll never know it’s an artificial plant!
andrew lu