We often think about home décor and interior decorating in terms of width. Furniture occupies width, not necessarily height in a space. This creates seemingly a whole dimension of space unaddressed and open, and ready for something to come along like hanging plants.

Hanging plants are a beautiful thing because they don’t take up any floor space. They create atmosphere without being distracting or in the way.

Hanging plants – one or more – can be as wild as a tropical jungle or curated to resemble something very simple, direct, and clean.

The difficulty with hanging plants is that they need a certain amount of light, watering, and temperature to survive, of course. They’re like any other real plant. They will wilt, fade, and eventually die.

Enter in fake hanging plants. A far better option, artificial hanging plants can be placed and essentially neglected, and they’re still going to look so elegant, character-driven, and lively.

Where do you buy faux hanging plants – check these sellers out.


Michaels has got some very stylish brand-name artificial hanging plants that add whole new dynamics to a room.

You don’t need a green thumb to care for hanging plants. Whether it’s to protect your pets or avoid having to arrange care while you’re away, fake hanging plants from Michaels will last a lifetime although they aren’t the best quality you will find on this list.


ArtiPlanto is one of the best sources for faux hanging plants anywhere, with a wide selection of handcrafted plants.

If you want to buy faux hanging plants online, ArtiPlanto has some standouts. They are the most realistic-looking fake plants on the market. Gavi, Frida, Ennio, Elrey, Franco, and Fabo are all runaway hits, with extensive detail in design and an adaptable aesthetic.

Linen Chest

The Linen Chest is a great place to start for beginners who may not know much about fake hanging plants.

The designs at Linen Chest are relatively basic though this doesn’t mean they don’t look good. There’s plenty of greenery and foliage options here, quality-done with all-natural color combinations duplicating the real thing.


Amazon is a hit-and-miss marketplace when it comes to artificial hanging plants. It’s a sort of treasure hunt, sometimes.

Occasionally, you will find something that’s as close to the real thing as you’ll need. Price-wise, there are some great deals at Amazon. As hinted at though, quality does vary. If price is the guiding factor, Amazon’s a convenient place to shop.

West Elm

West Elm is an interesting place to shop for artificial plants, whether it’s hanging or non-hanging alike.

Fake plants from West Elm are quality-made and are designed to blend in with their existing furniture. If you enjoy West Elm home décor, try them for artificial plants. You may be surprised at how lifelike their selection is.


Though known for potted faux plants, Wayfair also has some hanging plants you may enjoy placing in your home.

Wayfair has received their fair share of criticism for being costly but they do have a large faux plant selection, with all shapes and sizes to enjoy. Hanging plants can be grouped together or styled according to how you like. That said, serious buyers might want to look elsewhere for realistic-looking artificial hanging plants.

Buy faux hanging plants today from brands like ArtiPlanto. A great spot to shop fake plants of every type, meet North America’s top online shopping source for artificial plants, planters, and more.
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