The best fake plants for your office – be it a home office or public one – is a matter of preference.

What any plant brings to the table is color, texture, and visual appeal that was not previously present.

An office is serious business. A faux plant comes in handy in adding life to a space that is not always so lively.

There are several common tabletop plants that come up again and again when selecting artificial greenery, flowers, and plants for offices by interior decorators.

Here are the more popular faux plants for offices. Find your preferred office tabletop plant somewhere here.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant

A fake fiddle leaf plant for offices are perfect for placing on a desk.

They are a trusted classic houseplant that translates well to professional settings, with a possibility to coordinate aesthetic-wise if you have a larger fiddle leaf already in the office.

Artificial Tabletop Cactus

A small cactus plant is a great piece that can exist on its own or clustered together with other artificial plants.

Cactus plants work well mixed in with other succulents or non-succulents, potentially a gateway to crafting more unique office plant displays.

Artificial Snake Plant

A snake plant, aka sansevieria, is one of the taller tabletop plants for offices one can get. 

Complete with a unique texture and look, the beauty about a fake plant like this is you’re a professional and you’ve got things to do but nothing’s needed from you to keep a sansevieria looking lively.

Artificial Orchid Floral Arrangement

One doesn’t want to get too wild or colorful with a tabletop office plant, however, a floral arrangement that’s simple and minimal works.

Orchids are believed to be a plant that brings fortune, good luck, and wealth. They’re a great motivation.

Artificial Watercress Plant

An expressive mix of light and dark greens, a watercress tabletop plant adds a bit of color while avoiding going into flower territory.

Maintaining a purer green plant look, a fake watercress is a statement without distracting anyone from their work.

Artificial Potted Faux Ferns

Artificial ferns are one of the most popular office tabletop plants of all-time.

Though a fern takes up very minimal space, the impact its characteristic leaves make is lasting. The light green, texture, and size all make this an excellent plant to consider for around your office.

Artificial Potted Palm Tree

Palm trees are massive! Now, imagine having a very tiny one on your tabletop.

An artificial tabletop palm tree is pretty, expressive, and fitted to the right planter is an exceptional representation of class, professionalism, and out-of-the-box thinking. Consider two matching artificial palms for a more complete look.

Find dozens of common tabletop plants for offices at ArtiPlanto. Locate your favourites and position them where it makes the most sense to your work. Faux tabletop plants are low-maintenance, trendy, and add the look of plants to your office with none of the usual responsibilities in terms of watering, light, temperature, etc. Visit ArtiPlanto today to see more!

andrew lu