Mother's Day is such an important day, to express the biggest thankyou to the prettiest woman in the world — who gave you the gift of life. There is no better way to celebrate, your mom, but don’t let finding a great gift overwhelm you! 

Read on to find the best Mother's Day gift ideas for every superwoman on your list. There is something for everyone whether it is a sentimental custom gift, or a last-minute gift on a budget. 

Agave tree 

This faux plant is one of those rare gems that is so beautiful that its charm can lull you into a sense of complacency, which is beyond words can express. Native to Mexico, U.S.A and the Carribean the most popular type of Agave species scene more common as a landscape decoration are century plant, or maguey.

Often confused as a cactus plant — Agave is one of the most flamboyant faux plants that is an amazing present when it comes to expressing gratitude with a Mother's Day Gift Idea

Bouquet of flowers

There is something about flowers that just comes across so bold, yet elegant that you cannot go wrong. Further if you are looking for an instant splash of colour then a bouquet of some beautiful flowers is a great solution as they can charm any decor as well as are a great statement to express how much you adore your mom. 

Always choose large flower stems paired with medium and small flowers with a wide range of colours to create a good colour scheme. 


Perfect for any occasion, succulents come in various sizes, which make them a perfect gift for your mother that likes to decorate a small space in the house or an office desk with a splash of greenery. 

Always keep in mind to compliment a succulent with a fancy planter to further accentuate the charm of the plant.   


This is an ever-popular indoor plant, and its exotic charm just fits in any landscape. There are two types of orchids that are really popular; 

  • Cane Orchids (Dendrobium) which have smaller white or purple flower stalks — often several flowers are clustered together and narrow leaves engulf the stems on both sides.
  • Moth Orchids (Phalaenopsis) typically have more round shaped flowers with oval leaves and a distinct fleshy stalk and the flowers are a combination of white and purple in colour. 

Palm tree 

If your mother is a big fan of tropical touches – the palm tree is a great gift idea. It comes in various sizes and when paired with a perfect planter it is great to create a small green sanctuary either at home or an office space.

Alexandru Popa