Abstract art has a way of expressing an infinite mood— with soft colours fading as background or making a bold statement with dark colours. 

So whether you embrace a modern style or traditional, rustic decor abstract prints and paintings incorporate beautifully into any decor. Read on for pro strategies to decorate with abstract art prints 

Focal point

Abstract art looks great in any room of the house. It is the best way to create a colour in any room without dominating anything — yet creating an eye-catching composition with movement and depth. Always place vibrantly colorful abstract prints against walls that have rich hued backdrops to help create a creative focal point. 

Go bold

Don’t underestimate the power of black-and-white contrast when it comes to abstract art prints. When selecting abstract art prints; always pick something that will create an upbeat energy — graceful line drawings are the best. Monolithic, wild splatter has its own charm be ready to embrace uniformity as it is special in its own way. 

Think numbers

Some prints may look great as standalone pieces, but sometimes having a companion alongside has its own distinct trick for abstract art to work for your home decor. The best way is to pair complementing abstract prints side by side or beside some furniture to create a creative balance to your home. Consistency is key so choose both frames of the same size, as they will appear as a cohesive set and create an ecstatic composition. 

Complementary colours

Abstract art doesn’t mean it should always beg to ask for attention. Choose colours that already exist in your home decor space. It's also a good idea to pick ground colour that matches your walls as things will blend well. Either way, abstract art always ensures to create a modern feel. 

Gallery treatment

Traditional landscapes, portraits, figurative art prints for home decor are a great way to create a gallery wall — stick to a subtle colour palette i.e. pastel shades, white and black. When it comes to placement, turn large and small wall spaces to create a gallery feel. 

Modern vs Traditional contrast

Distinct carving and gilded detailed abstract paintings paired with classic mahogany furniture; are an amazing way to adorn any home decor scene. Pair prints that have bold geometric patterns to create an unexpected contrast to place a modern piece. 

Colour blocking 

If your home or any specific room is yearning a splash of colour abstract prints are a great way to add some serious colour treatment and a great way to shed the busyness. Whether the color is flat and uniform — abstract paintings are a great way to add some depth and colour to create and impact with some elegance and simplicity. Colour block effect is a great way to create multiple contrasts that match any home decor scene. 

Alexandru Popa