Most would think, naturally, that a fake plant would look rather fake next to the real thing but that’s not so with premium artificial plants.

Artiplanto is the fastest-growing premium artificial plant seller in the US. Buy faux plants online, browsing dozens upon dozens of different faux plants divided up according to size, type, and category.

For customers that have already done business with Artiplanto, they’ve seen first-hand the incredible realism captured in the details of beauties a la this artificial fiddle leaf potted plant. Houseplants that are real are hard to take care of. For those who are lucky enough to see a houseplant survive and flourish, the result is extraordinary beauty. With a faux plant, you are consistently shown the best part of the plant’s growth and capture it at its peak of appeal.

What’s the Difference between a Premium Faux Plant and a Cheap Fake Plant?

Cheap dollar-store fake plants can be found on the ready around every corner. They’re at Walmart and Target, IKEA and Wayfair, and so many other retailers online and with brick-and-mortar locations. While there’s nothing wrong with these, they look very fake in comparison to authentic real plants.

How premium artificial plants achieve such a realistic look is all in the detail. The price tag isn’t what it is just because a brand felt like charging more. Absolutely not. When we’re talking ‘premium’, we mean it. Entire design teams are assigned to crafting the look of a single faux flower, plant, or greenery. In this, they establish a clear outline of several things.

  • Shape, from how the leaves are cut to the stem, trunk, and presentation.

  • Detail in the leaves are often hand-painted and done to mimic almost at a microscopic level what you’d find on a real plant.

  • A lack of duplicity. Nature has some chaos to it. No two leaves look identical. Cheap artificial plants tend to have a lot of identical details because they are made quickly and without much care. Artiplanto takes its time ensuring the appearance is as natural as natural can be.

  • Where to Buy Premium Faux Plants Online

    We make it easy to buy premium faux plants online. Browse our web page. Find the type of artificial plant you want. We have tabletop plants perfect for a work-from-home office or a bedroom shelf. Larger faux trees are great for commercial properties, entranceways, and backyard gardens. Artificial boxwood topiaries are also available and work well with spring/summer landscaping. The wide range of real-looking gorgeous silk plants is a journey anyone passionate about home décor and style should take.

    Once you have the greenery you want selected, add them to your cart and check out. We’ll complete the rest of the work. Artiplanto will wrap, ship, and deliver your chosen premium fake plant to your door, within as best a time frame as can be managed considering the ongoing challenges faced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Buying faux plants online has never been easier nor has the actual product ever been more detailed. You’ll be totally shocked by the care invested in crafting what we consider to be masterpieces of artificial plant art.

    Get in touch with your home décor style and splurge on something meaningful to you. Shop premium faux plants online today from Artiplanto. Find realistic-looking, detailed, handmade greenery you will only find from Artiplanto.

    Andrew Lu