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Article: Best Faux Plants to Buy For Spring 2021 to Green Your Space

Best Faux Plants to Buy For Spring 2021 to Green Your Space

Best Faux Plants to Buy For Spring 2021 to Green Your Space

Can you tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake with artificial plants – we’ve even fooled some gardeners.

It’s true! You won’t believe how real Artiplanto faux plants are. Buy them on sale for spring 2021.

Agave Plant

An agave plant is long, thin, and tropical. On this botanical round-up of spring artificial plants, you’ll see a lot of tropical plants such as the agave plant. For your nature-inspired space in springtime, an agave opens up the room.

Fiddle Leaf Plants

Fiddle leaf plants are one of the best fake houseplants, with true-to-life detail and beauty from top to bottom. Available in various sizes, choose the fiddle leaf faux plant that best fits your environment.

Banana Tree Plants

The banana tree is well-known for its banana-shaped leaves. Careful attention was paid to replicating the detail from the real to the faux with this artificial plant, just like others. Create a tranquil indoor or outdoor space with a banana tree plant this spring.

Dracaena Tree Plant

The Dracaena tree plant has a strong trunk and long thin leaves to enjoy. Fake plant fans absolutely adore the range of plants available from premium brands, with the Dracaena a favourite among favourites.

Hawaii Palm Tree Plant

There is no more tropical a plant as the Hawaii artificial palm tree plant. A hint of summertime perhaps. You don’t need to be a gardening pro to enjoy this and few are. Have a little bit of the tropics at home with you whenever you like.

Bird of Paradise Plants

Bird of Paradise fake plants from Artiplanto exceed the quality of Walmart, Amazon, IKEA, and others. You don’t need a green thumb. You get all the benefits and beauty of a greenery sans commitment.

Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant

Turn your home into a practical paradise with a spathiphyllum leaf plant set up on a tabletop, freestanding in a planter, or in a cluster of artificial plants. A spathiphyllum leaf plant is a houseplant with pops of green that will brighten your day with just a glance.

Cactus Plant

An artificial cactus plant is perfect for springtime weather. Small and table-ready, it’ll add some greenery to your home office, kitchen, living room, bedroom, or just on your windowsill. An underrated faux plant, a fake cactus plant is a simple start to growing your indoor artificial garden.

Fishtail Palm Tree Plant

A fishtail palm tree plant is a little different from your average palm tree. A fishtail is fuller and darker with its green leaves. If you are looking for a looker to have featured in large-form in a special spot in your home, a tree such as the fishtail fits the bill.

Fan Palm Tree Plant

A fan palm tree plant is large, takes up a lot of space, and offers a mix of light greens that you won’t regret having around. A faux plant like the fan palm is designed for large spaces, i.e. commercial settings. This isn’t to say it can’t be used in a home. Just ensure it has the space to really stretch out so you have the true beauty of its palm leaves.

Find these simple, premium-grade artificial plants from Artiplanto on sale this spring. Get your home ready for warmer weather. Maintenance-free, faux plants are a fine investment that you can pull out year after year, always having them look their best. Choose your favourites at Artiplanto today.

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