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Article: How You Can Use Faux Plants For Mindfulness At Home

How You Can Use Faux Plants For Mindfulness At Home

Mindfulness is a practice that pulls a little from yoga, a little from meditation, and a lot from therapeutic breathing exercises. The result is an act that provides a person the chance to recharge, retreat, and focus inward and find their strength while suppressing and processing anxiety, stress, and things weighing them down.

Set Up A Mindfulness Area

A mindfulness area at home is for you to block out distractions and to focus solely on being in a meditative state.

Most of us do not have a full room’s worth of space to put towards the act of being mindful. A corner will have to do. In a lot of cases, a corner will be more than enough. Face the wall. Keep things bare and simple. Surround yourself with artificial plants for mindfulness and other relaxing elements.

Find Décor That Matches Your Plant

You never want to stuff in too much into a mindfulness space. Clutter is the enemy. There is a variety of home décor accessories and furniture that can be considered for inclusion. The naturalness of a faux plant is a great starting point. Match your aesthetic to your chosen plant.

Some possible décor options include premium area rugs, lighting a la lamps or string lights, a meditation pillow, a white noise machine to block out outside sound, a throw blanket, an aromatherapy diffuser, and a small table or stool.

Use A Single Artificial Plant or Tree

Something large to focus on can help set your mind in its right place during mindfulness. Faux Hawaii Kwai palm trees are a fine choice if you’re looking for something to take yourself away from your present and to somewhere foreign.

Let’s say you don’t have the space to put in a faux tree. In that case, try a tabletop plant on a side table instead.

Mix in A Variety of Plants

If you really love plants or just want the best mindfulness space you can have, try mixing a combination of premium fake plants. Faux plants produce the same clarity and mental health benefits as their real counterparts. A variety of greenery and foliage can provide something to concentrate on, and put you in a different headspace compared to what else is in your home.

An artificial olive tree, for example, adds lots of life and freshness to a space without totally dominating the aesthetic. Use it in a Christmas tree style and underneath it, populate the surrounding space with smaller plants and other natural materials like wood and stone.

Multi-Platform Small Plants

For added visual interest, consider placing plants on mounted shelving or a multi-level freestanding shelf. Arrange them on small individual stools. Set them on the floor in a half-circle arrangement or in symmetrical pairs set up across from one another.

Though mindfulness is all about looking inward, this doesn’t mean stylish home décor is unwelcome.

These are just some of the ways faux plants can be blended into doing mindfulness at home. Artiplanto is a collection of premium artificial plant designers. Come and check out exclusive artificial plants in various styles and sizes, all perfect for a mindfulness area.

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