Green workstations are not a new concept although they have been around for a long time, with the uncertain times we are in right now they are the best solution for many looking to boost their productivity while keeping things organized. 

Without a doubt, there is a ton of freedom, flexibility that comes with a home workstation but it can be tricky to get distracted especially if you have kids or pets that are in the near vicinity. So to replicate a traditional work station with a few creative tweaks read on and this will all help to boost productivity and efficiency. 


Desk, lights, supplies is something you need to work efficiently whether it is at work or in your home office. So that's the first place you can start, next make sure if you have a wall clock or a way to track time and do not bind yourself into work all day long. Make sure the location is well lit, airy and you have easy access to a phone if that is something you need on a daily basis. 


Less is more, but choosing wisely is key to picking a comfortable yet sleek decor when it comes to artificial plants especially when you go on video conference call with your colleagues. Also make sure to include a few options of plug points to accommodate charging stations for your computer, phone. 

Even considering maintaining temperature control and bright lighting is a great choice as that would be available in a traditional workspace. Also if you have blinds consider keeping them open to bring in some natural lighting. 


Nothing beats the positive vibe of an indoor faux plant on your work desk. Plants have a way to add natural ambiance while regulating boredom in a workspace. So if you like a tropical vibe use plants like palm trees, aloe vera or fiddle leaf that come in various sizes to suit any workspace or if you are a minimalist choose succulents in colourful planters are a great solution. 


Not all of us know the potential of increased productivity facing something nice. Try to pair your workspace along with a large window if you can accommodate that in any way! The best spot alongside a window for a home workspace is in a balcony with a wonderful view than a blank wall. Please avoid a distracting street view over a mountain that is more peaceful. 


A schedule is a must when it comes to the workstation at home. As there is a lot of freedom and flexibility, a routine keeps things organized. 

Nothing beats the joy of working from home and is the perfect balance as it combines the pleasure of being in your comfort zone while doing what you love. Although this is not the ideal situation in the current times we hope you enjoy our creative recommendations and make the most of the situation if you are one of the many fortunate souls and have the option of working from home. 

Alexandru Popa