Whether it’s tiny corner heaven in your home you want to spruce things up into a workspace or dedicate a room to pour out your creative vibes;  read on to discover the amazing potential every space has if you put some thought into it. We have some quick and easy designs for your home workspace that will encourage focus and creative thinking.

When designing your workspace at home, here are the top factors to keep in mind to build the right space to stimulate your creative thinking despite the COVID-19 situation we all are facing. 

Boost Creativity

Less is more when it comes to creating a clutter-free workspace and this where it comes handy to incorporate some faux plants to increase creativity. More than filling up the space make sure to put everything you think clearly visible yet be creative about the placement. 

If you work with the computer a lot it's a good idea to put a decent-sized desk as it helps create the illusion of a workstation. Once you have the desk situated then place the computer, laptop or phone whatever you most with closeby. Next, put a splash of green on the table with a small or medium-sized succulent that will bring it all together. Make sure to also keep all your supplies closeby like you did in your office so you have easy access to everything you do and do not stress about anything you need once you sit down to start working. 



Keeping this clean and organized is very important when it comes to designing a home office; however, don’t be fearful to use some creativity one of the most popular additions is a tall fiddle leaf tree showering its beautiful aura onto your chair while you work on your projects. 

The best spot to place a faux plant is alongside your work table or desk or if you like to move while you work and do conference calls make sure to place the fiddle leaf tree in the camera area as they are a great way to flaunt your creativity. While organizing your home office space if you like to adopt a minimalistic approach or yearn a tropical vibe then a faux palm tree or a faux aloe vera plant are great quick solutions as they can add a lot of drama yet elegantly bring it all together. 


Don’t get too carried away when overcrowding your home office with a lot of personal elements pick a theme whether it is sleek chic or modern and elegant to make it all work together. 

If you like vibrant colours then choose some elegant yet vibrant shaded planters or pots for faux plants in your office sometimes even wicker baskets or jute bins are very beautiful. Whatever you choose, be very mindful that you will be using the space to work and keep things free of distractions other than the key supplies or project goals that you will have to look at on a daily basis to achieve success through these uncertain times.

Alexandru Popa