It can not only be frustrating, but a very daunting task to help find the best and cost-effective ways to prevent fading of artificial plants; especially if you have decorated your home to perfection by spending hours. 

Although artificial plants are no mess, hassle-free, and one of the best ways to bring nature indoors with its vibrant colors and delicate designs. The good news is there’s a lot of options of artificial plants out there which helps transform any space with ease read on to follow some pro tips on how to protect artificial plants from fading. 

Acrylic Spray

The most cost-effective and popular general-purpose used to protect artificial plants from fading is acrylic spray also known as craft spray. The best way to use this spray is to apply one coat generously and your artificial plants will look glossy and will be protected from fading. 

Always be mindful when making the decision to apply an acrylic spray to artificial plants; wait until it's dry to touch or for about 10 minutes before placing the artificial plants back to their designated display location. 

UV Resistant Spray

If you place faux plants in direct sunlight, using an extra UV coating is the best way to protect them in the long term. The best part about using UV sprays is; they are very inexpensive and can be bought online too. 

Also, it is advised to buy artificial plants that are pre-treated with UV resistant spray. If you decide to spray UV resistant spray on your artificial plants this will protect long term wear and tear as well as a matte finish. 

Foliage Sealer 

Sealers used for artificial plant foliage are designed to ensure silk or fabric plants do not fade or crack. Although they can be a bit more expensive than the sprays they are one of the best solutions to ensure long term life and avoid replacing artificial plants constantly. 

UV Sunblock 

If you prefer application treatments to ensure your artificial plants do not fade, crack or break UV sunblock is an excellent solution and a great value product. It is also very easy to use, make sure to spray on the product and dry it for two to four hours and allow 24 hours for it to set to make your artificial plants look flawless for a lifetime.

Once you have chosen the best treatment it is also very crucial to be mindful of the following things; 

  • Testing: Always test cleaning products by applying them in a small patch on the artificial plants before applying to the whole plant to prevent any damage. 
  • Exposure: To prevent fading due to direct sunlight always place artificial plants in a location where plants get light evenly. So even if there is fading it is uniform and it's not too noticeable.
  • Label Instructions: Always read all instructions and label restrictions as some artificial plants are pre-treated with UV inhibitors, so you may damage them by over application. 
Alexandru Popa