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Article: How to Protect Your Artificial Plants Outside ?

 How to Protect Your Artificial Plants Outside ?

How to Protect Your Artificial Plants Outside ?

Artificial plants are one of the most cost effective ways to bring nature into any space, however, the only downside is outdoor artificial plants tend to fade when exposed to direct sunlight over a period of time. They are one of the smartest choices you can make when it comes to decorating as artificial plants maintenance is not a lot. 

As outdoor artificial plants are one of the biggest trends in 2020 there are a variety of options when it comes to buying high-quality artificial with UV protection; this coating keeps artificial plants looking new and real. Like real plants the fading appearance of artificial plants is inevitable, you can limit the fading and damage by following these easy steps.


Just remember a little bit of TLC can help in enhancing the life span and beauty of artificial plants. When you decide to dust outdoor artificial plants always choose a feather duster as it is lightweight and easy to use. If there are some hard to reach nooks and crannies feel free to use a compressed air can or a hairdryer to blow the dust particles that cannot be reached by a feather brush easily. 


It can be as simple as using a damp rag with some soap water. A lot of people think they need to use high-pressure jet sprays when cleaning artificial plants. It is really not that tedious. Make sure to use a clean moist rag and gently rub along the stems, flowers and the sides of the foliage to remove all the dust debris quickly and easily. 


UV resistant sprays are one of the best ways to protect the colour of your artificial plants. To make sure you apply the spray generously spread newspaper outdoors and start spraying the UV resistant spray. Before spraying any UV resistant spray always read the plant labels or instructions manual supplied in the packaging to ensure it is safe to use UV resistant spray.  

As a first before spraying artificial plants with UV resistant sprays, always dust off any debris gently by using a damp cloth or duster or compressed air spray. Next, hold the plant on the lowest part and start spraying, to coat it well. Once done, you can place the plant in intended pots or vases outside, make sure to allow the coat to be completely absorbed by the plant before you place it outside. 

To ensure there is no damage caused to artificial plants and they stay looking beautiful, always test any new products or cleaning products in the less noticeable parts of the plant before you decide to apply it to all the parts of the plant. 

Placement of the artificial plant outside is very crucial to determining the longevity of the colors. So always make sure to place the artificial plants never in direct sunlight to protect them as well, as keeping them looking flawless if you like to display them outside as your proudest possession. 

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