Faux plants are the best blessing in disguise especially for someone who enjoys greenery in their home. Real plants need regular pruning, watering and other related maintenance — which you do not have to worry about when you choose fake plants to decorate your home. 

The first step to bringing a beautiful fake plant in your home is choosing the right pot that will amplify its appearance in your home. Not sure which pot will be right for your fake plant. Read on to follow simple steps to consider while potting as listed below in this faux tree guide.


Whether you have in mind a small space or are looking to create huge outdoor heaven by placing fake plants, choose wisely. Always remember when it comes to selecting your dream pot it's all about the right aesthetic appeal. Before placing fake plants in a pot always remember to make considerations for the size and weight of the plant. 

When choosing a pot always pick something deep that will accommodate not just the fake plant but also the fillers and any accessories you may plan to incorporate to match your home decor. Also, look for a proportion and pick a pot that won’t exceed the width of the tree you plan to plant. Sometimes fake plants come in a starter pot; they may not be the right size always as their purpose is to help securely transport the fake plant so feel free to remove them or for extra support place it inside a large pot.

Base filler 

To avoid a fake plant from toppling over base filler is really important. The best way to secure a fake plant appropriately is to add a base filler around the starter pot. Some of the best options to use as base filler are rolled up newspaper as it is the cheapest, folded cardboard and bubble wrap. To keep things sturdy, styrofoam is the best solution, make sure to fill the base filler alongside the height of the pot. 

Top filler 

Remember when it comes to fake plants it's all about the appearance. So make sure to pile on some elegant looking moss or even dirt to create a natural yet real looking fake plant. Don’t be afraid to experiment with moss, stones or even gravel to create a realistic top filler for your fake plant. If you are planning to use the top filler on top of the starter pot make sure to place the fake plant in the centre of the pot and secure it firmly before you decide to generously fill the pot up with the top filler to further ensure the fake plant won’t move. 

We hope our faux tree guide for potting comes handy when you are ready to pot your favourite fake plant for your home. When you are placing a fake plant in a pot, always remember three most important things: colour, texture and variety this combination will help your fake plant look beautiful sometimes even better than the real plant. 

Alexandru Popa