Every home seems to be complete in one way or another when you add some natural touches to it. What better to do that than faux stems as they are so easy to incorporate in your decor plus, they do not demand a huge shopping budget or maintenance. 

There is nothing that can replace the beauty of the aroma of fresh-cut stems and they are undoubtedly the best, but if you are looking for something that will not fade with time and create a long-lasting colour splash in your home with a variety of textures and hues faux stems are the perfect solution. Read on to discover how to pot faux stems like a professional without having to spend a ton of money. 


The trick to flaunting any kind of faux stems especially with a DIY project is making sure they are styled right. With that being said you don’t have to go out of your way and do anything extravagant. Just make sure to create the perfect illusion you have in mind and the result will be surprising. Also when styling faux stems variation is very important and using stems of different sizes and colours always make a great display. Make sure to never buy stems that are too shiny or waxy as they are a dead giveaway. Also, stay away from frayed edged flowers; instead, choose flower stems that have large flowers. 


When you are looking for a pot for a DIY mission, always choose something deep enough. Also, don’t be afraid to choose a large pot over something small. Choosing the right pot will come handy when you choose to secure the stems together and accommodate a foam that will keep things clean. After you cut the foam to the right size and place the faux stems firmly inside the pot you can start placing dirt or gravel depending on the plant size, fill it halfway and viola the stems are ready to be placed in your favourite spot. 


When it comes to DIY projects especially involving faux stems placement plays a very big role. When placed right faux stems can be the best decoration in your home or a deal-breaker, so pay attention to details and place them in a location which will make them a conversation starter. Keeping things simple is very crucial as it is very easy to get carried away when it comes to placing the beautiful charm faux stems add to any spot in your decor. Sometimes pairing faux stems with vases is the best solution to make their placement perfect!

Like every diy project faux stem potting can be a lot of fun too; so challenge your creative potential and reap the benefits. If you are looking for a resource to find the best quality of faux stems artiplanto has a wide variety to choose from. Also, feel free to follow the recommendations shared above and you will be surprised with the potential of the results. 

Alexandru Popa