The best way to place a rug comes down to what’s natural and intuitive. Buying a rug, size and shape matter equal to color and pattern.

In terms of placement within a room or under furniture, size and shape matter more than ever. Here is a quick how-to guide on how to place rugs in different rooms, considering furniture groupings, the purpose of a room, and other factors.

Will Furniture Be On Your Rug?

Furniture situated on a rug isn’t a necessity though some homeowners and home décor experts prefer this arrangement. If you do end up putting furniture on a rug, ensure the rug is sized to accommodate the furniture as well as extending out each side by an additional six inches minimum.

Furniture All the Way On Or Off

Furniture shouldn’t partially on a linen or wool rug. It’s either on or off. You have to make the call.

Room Shape Dictates Rug Shape

Whether you’re placing a rug in a living room, bedroom, dining room, or hallway, the space’s shape will dictate what rug shape to buy. For example, you don’t want a round area rug in a room that’s rectangular or vice versa. 

Round Rugs For Round Furniture

You run into round tables and round furniture far more often than you do circle-shaped rooms. Round rugs are best used when their shape duplicates the shape of the furniture. This will most often be a table.

Two Runner Rugs Set Up Symmetrically

For large spaces that you don’t want to blanket with a carpet-like rug, try two runner rugs positioned symmetrically on two sides of furniture, two sides of the room, or in another sort of balanced way.

An Anchor in An Open-Concept Space

An area rug can anchor furniture in an open-concept space. A common way to do this is by designating your living room with a rug. This will clearly differentiate this part from your open-concept area.

Craft A Seating Area With Clearly Defined Borders

The most popular way to position rugs is to use a rug for a seating or gathering area. This encourages people to settle here, naturally draws the eye in, and presents an area as warm, decorative, and infused with personality.

A Rug Underneath A Coffee Table

If your main living room is small, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a rug. Make the room feel bigger by using a small rug underneath the coffee table only. This creates visual interest sans carpeting the room.

A Rug Underneath Your Bed Or to the Side

In a bedroom, a rug is used as a soft, warm spot to put your feet on come morning. Two rug placements exist for the bedroom. They are under the bed or to the side of the bed. Look at nightstands, vanities, and other furniture in the room. Your decision on how to place a rug in a bedroom may already be made for you.

There is no wrong color, pattern, size, or shape. Though clear rules exist, buying quality rugs at Artiplanto, it becomes yours. Create your perfect placement. Add to your home décor with a linen or wool rug today.

andrew lu