You only make one ‘first impression’. When you’re having guests over, the ‘first impression’ will familiarize them with you and your home.

Some homes look like they were built for entertaining. They’re large, loud, and proud. Your entryway is where guests first enter and the ‘first impression’ counts. Here are entryway artificial plant décor tips for homeowners to have at the ready when they want their entryway to reflect something special.

Don’t Clutter

Your faux plants should be placed somewhere with minimal clutter. Don’t busy it up. Let the wonders of an artificial plant be brought out in full clarity.

Organize Your Arrangement

Should you have multiple artificial plants, flowers, and greenery, arrange them in the most organized way. Ideally, this is with some symmetry and arranged in height from the tallest in the back to the shortest out front.

Across From the Door

Someone walks into your home and the first thing they see should be your plant, tree, or an arrangement of artificial greenery. Ensure placement is right across from the door. Give your greenery the presentation it deserves.

Set Fake Plants Outdoors

Before someone enters your home, if you don’t have the space behind your door, work your outdoors instead. Try this. Two fake plants in your entryway positioned one on each side of the door. This sort of symmetrical décor communicates welcome, warmth, and style. Plants in this arrangement are a cool feature.

Matching Planters

Home décor should appear intentional. You can buy a vast array of plants, in different styles, heights, and shapes. What ties everything together are the planters. Dress the entryway faux greenery in identically-styled planters.

Mix In Personality

Fake plants are highly adaptable home décor. Mix in items that represent your personality alongside them. Books. Artwork. Statues. Items that mean something to you. Convey your personality somewhere in your entryway. It doesn’t take much. Think of ways to make your greenery in line with your preferences in décor as well.

Hanging Lights Are Pretty

It’s true. Hanging lights are pretty. Dress up your home décor artificial plants with lighting such as Edison Bulbs, LED string lights, fairy lights, or even an old-style gas lamp. These are all incredibly stylish and add a whole new dynamic to your entranceway. If you have the space, a large chandelier is a go-to but will often outshine everything else. Turn the lights down. Opt for more personal lighting.

Be Wild

Whether you’re experienced or inexperienced with faux plants and home décor, it works to sometimes create a little chaos. Go wild and disorganized with your artificial plants, from a hanging plant to wild flowers in a vase, tabletop plants in a small planter, and a mix of natural elements like tree branches, wood chips, stones, metals, or similar elements.

Check for Dust

Fake plants can attract dust, though not in every case. That said, if there’s a lot of dust going around, be sure to check your faux plants for dust on a monthly basis. If you see dust accumulating, gently wipe them down with a microfiber cloth.

Check out faux plants from Artiplanto and find the most beautiful selection of succulents, trees, flowers, wreaths, hanging plants, and more. Dress your entryway in elicit charm. Paint your entryway in something that speaks of the outdoors and that matches the exact vibe of your indoors. Visit Artiplanto today.
andrew lu