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Article: How to Pick the Best Artificial Plants to Decorate Your Home With

How to Pick the Best Artificial Plants to Decorate Your Home With

How to Pick the Best Artificial Plants to Decorate Your Home With

The best faux plants in home décor will always be those that are most realistic-looking. A cheap artificial plant has no place in interior design. If you’re serious about creating the right décor aesthetic, you have to find realistic fake plants that trick the eye into believing they are the real thing. This can be more challenging to find than one might think.

Look At Premium Brands

Don’t go shopping at any IKEA, Walmart, or Wayfair. If they don’t specialize in artificial plants, that’s going to show up in the design. A cheap Walmart fake plant can only look so real. The optimum artificial plant will come from a premium brand like and others.

The best premium faux plants brands can be found online, often offering better pricing than in-person.

Does It Fit In With Your Existing Décor?

You don’t want a fake plant to go against your existing home décor. Carve out a space for it appropriately sized. A sure way for an artificial plant to look out of place in a home is if it’s too large or small.

A faux plant has to fit in with what’s around it and have the area to stretch out its branches.

Re-Shape Them Every Season

The best artificial plants in home décor sometimes will come down to how they are kept. Any greenery that’s artificial won’t display any change like a real plant will. Although that’s an advantage, it can look taxing aesthetically at a certain point.

Every season re-shape your faux plant slightly. You may choose to rotate the planter as well. This will help freshen up its look.

Consider Buying More Faux Plants

An alternative approach to re-shaping the look of an artificial plant is to move the plant to a different location.

Another way to adjust your home décor is to rotate plants in and out depending on what’s appropriate for the time of year. This will necessitate buying more artificial plants, yes, but it’s a way to grow one’s fake plant collection without creating an overpowering look or having an aesthetic that leans too heavily on greenery.

What Plant Speaks To You

Like you’d pick any other form of home décor, the artificial plant you choose has got to mean something.

What plant speaks to you… for some, it’s a faux Monstera plant. For others, it’s a spathiphyllum leaf plant. Others will want an artificial palm tree. You may prefer a plant a little smaller, like a faux tabletop fern plant.

Diversity in Plant Selection

The last tip we will share about how to buy faux plants is to look for diversity. In nature, all sorts of plants get clustered together. Tall and short. Wide and thin. In home décor, if you treat a fake plant as if it were real, work to duplicate this sort of natural terrain or natural conditions with a selection of varying plants.

Especially if you’re crafting a garden-like presentation of faux plants, you don’t want a lot of duplicates.

Shop the best, most realistic-looking fake plants online at Decorate your home with a trendy faux houseplant from the leaders in artificial plant design.

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