The living room is the most frequented room in any home. It’s a gathering area. It’s where memories are created every day, in the simplest and quietest of ways.

To anyone who lives with you or who comes as a guest, your living room is what they see as representative of your home. This is why one must take good care of their home. Make it look trendy, luxurious, and appealing. Here is where to how to decorate your living room with faux plants.


We won’t just be talking about fake plants in this article. The planter also counts for a lot. A beautifully coated brass planter, for example, adds reflective light and a whole new dynamic. Planters can be gathered together or spread across the room to add some symmetry to everything that’s going on.


A living room is a large space. Create some balance and add some intent. Buy faux plants in pairings. This way, you can add one to each side of the room. You can do this with a speaker system, one on each side of a door frame, on each side of the couch, or with similar room elements.

Large Artificial Tree

No one expects to walk into a room and see a tree! It’s a major talking point. You fill in the room with something that’s luxe and luscious. There are many different sizes in faux trees, from large greenery ready to be the room’s centerpiece to small-to-average-sized trees to suit a corner.

Large-Scale Indoor Garden

A large-scale living room indoor garden can be a centerpiece or off to the side, similar to an artificial tree. Imagine what plants you can blend together. Real, true-to-life detail in custom greenery arranged according to the dynamics of your room. A garden in this context won’t go unnoticed.

Texture the Walls

Your walls are the boundaries of a room. They can be kept bare. Or you can make them look more interesting. Dress them up with a wall of flat plant-work. Make a wall of artificial plant fragments. This gets your wall noticed and adds texture.

Build Wall Shelving

Add shelves to your wall to give yourself a place to exhibit your best artificial plants. Mix in decorative elements like books, photos, or other talking points, and you can make something special for guests to peruse.

Blending Of Materials

Alongside your fake plant and planter, consider other materials you can add in. Moss, colorful rocks, artwork, or even shiny, hard metallic pieces are unique, cost-effective, and adaptable. Express personality and brighten up your faux plant arrangement in a very unique way.


Present your faux plants in the right light. Literally. Install LEDs or bulb string lights to give your greenery a unique presentation. If you want, some mirrors or reflective surfaces in décor or surrounding your plants can also add converging light. Premium-grade lights can create an enchanting, romantic atmosphere that’s well-worth building for you, your family, and guests.

Visit Artiplanto today to pick up artificial plant must-haves to fill your living room with some mesmerizing colors and maintenance-free greenery. Trendy and stylish, the plants are yours to craft by hand.
andrew lu