A small condo. A small apartment. A small home office. A small bedroom. All these offer sometimes-cramped areas that can be difficult to decorate in. This doesn’t mean you can’t!

Learning how to place things and furnishing a small living space with faux plants takes care, imagination, and skill.

Every décor decision counts in a small space. Mistakes are common. Here are the mistakes you will want to avoid.

Buying Size

Just because a space is small does not mean your artificial plants have to be. A fake tree or above-average-sized artificial plant can work in the right context.

So long as the size fits into the space, a big plant in a small space can be simpler and more minimalist than a collection of small ones.

You Overbuy

Home décor in a small space takes planning. You need to know where you’re going to put an artificial plant before you buy. In fact, overbuying is a common décor mistake.

You end up with too many plants and nowhere to put them without things appearing cluttered.

Dark Planter

When you select an artificial plant, buy a planter as well. Choose one in a lighter color. Dark shades make a small space feel even smaller.

Add brightness to the room either through a light-colored planter or with a reflective surface such as brass.

Empty Corners

It’s not uncommon to focus on the spaces you want to fill in a small condo or apartment as opposed to areas like dark corners.

In a dark corner, consider the possibilities. An artificial tree. A small, thin table with a tabletop artificial plant. Etc.


A small condo faux plant should not be placed on any windowsill or in a way that blocks natural light.

You want as much sun as possible in a small room or apartment. This is why mirrors and surfaces that reflect can help in getting more light around a room. This will really help to open up an otherwise dark space.

Lack of A Theme

Multiple types of fake plants make things look unorganized. You don’t want a collection of odd-looking plants from different sources placed together in a clumsy way.

Source your plants preferably from a single brand. This way, you’re getting a consistent look.

Your Verticals

The parameters of your space aren’t just side-to-side. They’re also top to bottom. An artificial hanging plant is the perfect solution to vertical space that isn’t getting a fair look.

Plan your verticals just like you do your horizontals. Make use of some of that open space!

Your Walls

Look at your walls. They’re flat. They’re bare. They can be used for something, just like your verticals!

Mount a shelf and on it set some fake flowers, fake greenery, or fake plants. This can give your condo a grand, luxurious look, and add a sense of intellect to a space that on size alone is anything but.

Avoid errors and plan beforehand how to use a small space, such as that of a condo or apartment. Visit Artiplanto today for tons of ideas, stylish faux plants, and trendy artificial trees. Make your space look extravagant!
andrew lu