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Article: How to Infuse Your Home Décor with Boxwood Topiary Designs

 How to Infuse Your Home Décor with Boxwood Topiary Designs

How to Infuse Your Home Décor with Boxwood Topiary Designs

Home décor and plants walk hand-in-hand. Boxwood topiary balls are a great way to add personality, warmth, and greenery in sometimes unexpected ways.

In every home décor and interior design store, you are likely to find some representation of geometric greenery. A must-have for any home, why real and faux boxwood topiary are so important is because of their versatility. Shape them. Use them inside. Take the outside. For landscaping and home décor, there’s certainly no shortage of ways of how to use them.

Rock Garden

A rock garden is something you don’t need to take care of. It’s the perfect place for artificial plants. You can create a visual climate complete with unique shapes and colors, and unexpectedly so. If you’re doing so in an area that’s likely to welcome visitors, it will surprise them in a good way when they see what you’ve done with your greenery. Buying boxwood balls to situate in amongst the rocks either individually or grouped together can help you create a true landscaping masterpiece.

Use Flowers to Match

Boxwood balls used indoors or outside will add a lot of visual interest though they lack in color. Flowers are a beautiful match to a boxwood topiary. Low, creeping flowers mixed in around, between, and hugging your boxwood balls can create some truly inspiring greenery arrangements. This is also where artificial plants are advantageous as a faux boxwood doesn’t have any root structure. This means your flowers can be allowed to grow unimpeded by competition.

Use Them on Bare Windows

If you have large windows or floor-to-ceiling windows, that’s a lot of natural light that can be blinding in some rooms. To mix it up a little, position a boxwood topiary right in the middle. Silhouetting the room with a boxwood in this way adds a fresh dynamic. You can also craft different sequences of boxwoods if you have multiples. Position them throughout the room to communicate a sense of flow or keep them near the window to create a new shape with the existing light coming through.

Customized Size, Shape, and Design

Try this décor idea for boxwood. There’s no rule saying they need to look or be sized to anything specific. You not only get to use them wherever you wish but you can arrange and shape them according to how you see it. Boxwood topiary can end up being very, very stylish. Most often, they’re arranged by pairs or rows although that’s entirely up to you. Express yourself. Do what’s best and preferred by you – not just some home décor recommendation.

Tabletop Boxwood Balls

Tabletop boxwood is another way to feature the rich dark greens of these plants. When they’re at eye-level, however, it is worth remembering the container they’re in becomes a more prominent focal point. This may cause some home décor experts to choose a higher quality container to hold the boxwood. That said, you don’t have to if you’re already satisfied with the look of everything together.

For the best faux boxwood topiary premium-made and handcrafted, visit ArtiPlanto. For more topiary decorating ideas, look through our catalogue and find the inspiration in you. Our faux topiary are displayed in homes, offices, and in landscaping all over North America. ArtiPlanto topiaries are top-quality and the most realistic-looking on the market.

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