A snake plant is a highly adaptable and tolerant indoor plant with a lot of potential. The advantages of buying a snake plant for indoors are many. If there’s one plant that can be neglected and still bounce back, many would say it’s a snake plant.

What’s So Special About A Snake Plant?

A snake plant, aka a Sansevieria, is easy to take care of. If you make a mistake, they are often easy to correct.

Some plant owners have even neglected their snake plants for weeks and surprisingly, their sansevieria has rejuvenated itself after a week of premium care.

A snake plant has a naturally very interesting architectural shape and strappy leaves. A snake plant indoors contributes a unique visual that immediately attracts the eye. On top of that, it doesn’t need a lot of light or water. Snake plants are also notorious for not attracting very many insects.

How to Grow A Snake Plant from a Cutting

  1. Take a cutting from an existing snake plant and place it in enough water to cover the bottom quarter of the leaf.
  1. Place this container in indirect light. Change the water every couple of days. When you begin to see little roots, this is a sign the cutting has started to transform itself into a real snake plant.
  1. Once you are confident there are enough roots, plant the rooted snake plant leaf in a container of sand or peat moss. From there, follow the other tips in this article on snake plant care.

How to grow a snake plant always involves using a free-draining soil. You won’t be able to propagate successfully without it.

How Much Water And Light Does a Snake Plant Need?

A snake plant doesn’t need a lot of light or water. In fact, in winter, you want to be careful. Overwatering is easy to do.

Taking care of a snake plant, water it from time to time. Ensure they are in indirect sunlight as opposed to direct sunlight.

Lastly, a general-purpose fertilizer can help grow a new snake plant if you’re using a cutting. Beyond that, it’s all relatively straightforward.

Is An Artificial Snake Plant Better?

Although a snake plant is one of the easier plants to look after, many homeowners and interior designers opt for premium-made faux snake plants. Here’s why this could prove to be a better option for you.

With real plants, there’s a time when they’re looking their best and a time when they’re not. The window for when a snake plant is looking its best is not always as wide as we prefer. As an alternative, a fake snake plant always looks the same. They’re also indistinguishable from the authentic, real thing.

It’s very rewarding to be surrounded by your favourite plants. A snake plant is quite the interior addition. For a simple look you don’t have to worry about or care for year-round, try an artificial snake plant from ArtiPlanto. You may be downright shocked at the realism, detail, and quality of the plant once it’s in your hands. Set it, forget it, and bask in the beauty of interior design greenery.

Alexandru Popa