A bedroom is a space that warrants a certain level of life and personality. For millennials, faux plants have been a go-to in infusing bedrooms with something different and exciting. No commitment necessary.

Why Faux Plants

There are a lot of reasons why someone will grab a fake plant over a real plant.

Artificial plants are non-toxic which is great for curious pets who like to come around when you’re not watching.

They will look their best for years on end, even when you’re away and can’t tend to them. Alternatively, no allergies are activated with fake plants. In a sense, artificial plants are a true problem-solver!

How to Use Faux Plants

The best advice we can give is on where to buy fake plants.

You don’t want cheap-looking dollar-store plants. Lifelike, realistic, handcrafted, and premium-made plants are what ArtiPlanto does best. Even your snobby gardener friend won’t know it’s artificial.

When selecting faux plants, rely on this time-tested home décor tip – lean into the theme. A bedroom already has a vibe going on, with color, symmetry, and furniture adopting this atmosphere. Ensure what you have in there does not conflict.

What are the best fake plants for bedrooms – consider something like real-to-the-touch faux dracaena plants, faux spathiphyllum plants, or faux philodendron plants. These are all perfect artificial plants to use.

Where to Put Faux Plants in Your Bedroom

Now, when it comes to placing your artificial plants, they aren’t growing. They don’t need the sun.

That said, if you want your faux plants for bedrooms to resemble something real, treat their placement like you were putting in a real plant.

Look to areas like a bookshelf, bedside table, or windowsill. These are common, believable placements for an artificial plant.

Though this is excellent advice, you can also take things in the opposite direction and create a bedroom theme that’s extraordinary and unexpected. Turn your bedroom into a tropical vacation with artificial palm trees or go the way of a chaotic jungle with hanging plants and greenery.

How Do I Make the Most of My Bedroom Space?

Bedrooms aren’t always of a large size. In fact, often, they can be quite small.

For compact spaces, every inch has to be maximized and not only across the floor but height-wise.

Artificial hanging plants save on real estate, can be hung from anywhere, and create a truly unique look. Try an artificial Boston fern or Areca fern.

You may also choose to browse small faux plants for the bedroom which can be nested practically anywhere and brighten up a dark corner or drab area. Try a small artificial fern, an artificial rubber plant, or a snake plant.

Let us be your guide. For more home décor tips and a list of handcrafted fake plants, visit ArtiPlanto. Artificial plants for the bedroom have never been easier to buy. Place them where inspiration takes you. Take in plants from all over the world, a trendy and eclectic mix. Show them off on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Shop your favourites at ArtiPlanto today.
andrew lu