Boxwood topiaries are an outdoor living classic, offering horticultural-influenced nature with perennial plants.

A real-life boxwood topiary would involve clipping foliage and twigs to create shape from something like a tree or shrub. Topiaries are meant to be developed and maintained – an unfortunate and frustrating practice for those who like them.

Compare all that upkeep to what you have to do for an artificial boxwood topiary. They’re different. An artificial topiary is already done up. It’s never going to change its shape. A topiary that’s faux looks immaculate throughout the year, never fades, and never grows out of shape.

Where can you buy artificial boxwood topiaries online – these are our top 5 places in North America.


Overstock has a little bit of everything, for better or for worse. You can find everything you’re searching for, although quality does vary.

Though Overstock has gotten mixed reviews from some customers, why it’s made our list is because they have some really good deals on faux boxwood topiary plants. There’s certainly something to be found in the catalogue for your outdoor deck or patio.


Industry-wide, ArtiPlanto is considered one of the best sources for artificial boxwood topiary shopping online.

Are you looking to buy faux boxwood topiary online – try ArtiPlanto. You won’t be disappointed. Browse spirals, spherical topiary plants, cedar trees, olive trees, and more. They have a great selection and have been instrumental in setting the standard for quality in artificial boxwood topiaries.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a proud brand that focuses on outdoor living design, backyard landscaping, gardening, and more.

The difficulty about shopping with Home Depot is their inventory rotates. In summer, it’s easy to shop faux boxwood topiaries at Home Depot though come winter, the selection is minimal. Frustrating as it may be, if you fall within the right season, they’re definitely worth a glance in crafting the backyard of your dreams.


What’s a better or more convenient place to shop anything than Walmart – few other places.

Walmart does carry faux boxwood topiary plants and they are of fair quality. Walmart boxwood topiary plants are very affordable but what you give up in cost, you also give up in realism. Traditional boxwood topiaries are fine from Walmart although if you’re looking for style and aesthetic rather than something to simply fill a place, look elsewhere.

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane has plenty of high-quality topiaries and complementary artificial palm trees to match.

Although One Kings Lane is one the pricier side of things, this is attributed to higher-quality materials, the attention to detail, and the investment in design. In terms of outdoor living faux plants, this is a great place to start.

Capturing what’s real about boxwood topiary plants so well, search out the best artificial boxwood topiaries at ArtiPlanto. Shop online. Buy online. Make it easy to set up the property of your dreams. Buy fake plants for every room of your home, inside and out. Stylish, memorable, and detailed, frame your home or place of business in the presentation you want. Adorn it with boxwood topiaries today.
andrew lu