A bathroom over time unfortunately can end up becoming one of the ugliest parts of a household.

A little organization and some greenery go a long way in preventing that from happening. Decorating a bathroom isn’t necessarily easy. It’s not a room designed to be admired. It’s a necessary space and one that’s usually filled with essentials.

All that aside, a fake plant for bathroom decoration is easy to place and helps to create a sanctuary without any of the responsibility attached to real plants which can grow mold and disintegrate in the heat of the bathroom.

All in all, artificial plants are the perfect bathroom accessory. The result can be spa-like if you do it right.

Why Dressing Up Your Bathroom Makes Sense

We don’t realize the time we spend in our bathrooms. Every day. Morning and night. It adds up.

Staring at a bare, empty room isn’t fun. When we’re relaxing in this space, it’s so much lovelier to do so when you have fake plants in the room.

For most of us, this is where we start and end our day. Dress it up a little. Showcase your personality!

Fake succulents are one of the most popular bathroom faux plants but there are also hanging plants, tall vertical fake plants, and so much more. You can even create your own fake plant arrangement, selecting the options that resonate with you.

Fake Plants Can Help Your Mental Health

Studies on fake plants have shown how they can turn a negative mental state into a positive one.

Similar to how real plants work, when we see leaves, blooming flowers, and greenery, a lot of us forget about the day we have and the troubles involved with it. We focus on the beauty, elegance, and growth of life.

If you don’t believe us, give it a try yourself. Put in an artificial plant arrangement. For a month, see if anything changes. If you don’t have space, a hanging plant works. It’s all about filling in the decorative space with something that speaks positively to you.

Why Fake Plants Are Better For Your Bathroom than Real Plants

A bathroom is a space with finite dimensions. The furniture – vanity, toilet, and shower or tub – cannot be moved. You’re working with a pre-defined shape and function, and so with that in mind, every bathroom is going to have its own opportunities for artificial plant placement.

Large bathrooms can accommodate full-length artificial plants and artificial trees. Then, some others may only have space for a tabletop faux plant. Examine what you’re working with. Consider where a plant would be best.

Real plants don’t hold up well in bathrooms. The chemicals in hairsprays, aerosol deodorants, perfumes, and colognes can kill them. The lack of natural light and high moisture content is a negative for some plants. You can run into all sorts of issues with real plants.

Compare that experience to a fake plant. A faux plant doesn’t need light and moisture won’t affect it. It always looks its best and will hold up its appearance year-after-year with no maintenance.

Find amazing-looking artificial plants for your bathroom from ArtiPlanto. Browse our inspiring collection to see more of how to style faux plants for your bathroom and other spaces in your home.

andrew lu