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Article: How to Care for a Wool Rug

How to Care for a Wool Rug

How to Care for a Wool Rug

If you like a modern yet tidy look where all the pieces of furniture along with your floor space come together to create a positive vibe — a wool rug is the best investment. Wool rugs are also a great choice to create a warm and welcoming environment. Further, as they are super durable, repel stains and dust can be very easy to up-keep with regular maintenance. 

The next most important question that many of us have whether we choose to buy a modern sleek wool rug or a vintage wool rug is how to care for a wool rug to ensure its longevity? Read to discover some quick and handy tips to maintain the beauty of a wool rug. 

1) Dusting 

Whatever size your wool rug may be small or big, dusting should always be your first step when it comes to cleaning or protecting the look of your wool rug. By dusting, we mean simply pick up the wool rug and shake it vigorously to remove any dust or dirt particles lodged in the fabric. If you are looking to go the next step and add some freshness to your wool rug gently, hit the rug with a stick and hang it on a clothesline or on railing under sunlight for a few hours. Once you are done dusting the wool rug it is always recommended to brush the floor underneath the rug before you place the rug back. 

2) Vacuuming

There is nothing a vacuum cannot clean, so don’t be afraid to give your wool rug a good cleaning with it. Almost all vacuums have special attachments for cleaning wool rugs to ensure the machine is up and close to the rug and dislodges dust particles almost instantly when the vacuum comes in contact with the fabric of the rug. Always while vacuuming a wool rug place it on a flat surface and follow a pattern to clean the rug thoroughly. A lot of us also forget to turn the rug around and clean the backside of the rug, so be mindful of not to miss this spot as it may be the best way to protect the wool rug from any damage from moisture. 

3) Gentle wash and scrub 

As scary as this may sound, sometimes washing the wool rug with soap and water solution can be a simpler fix than you may think. But never soak the rug in water and soap under the name of gentle cleaning. Always use cleaning detergent that would protect wool and alike fabrics, so use a solution of water and detergent when cleaning a wool rug. We cannot emphasize enough but at all times test a small patch of the wool rug before you start cleaning. 

Like everything else in your home the wool rug too needs some tender loving care after a period of time — as dust and stains attack its beauty and appearance. We hope you follow the tips mentioned above to care for your wool rug and protect it to enhance its lifespan!

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