Across the country, households and offices have one or more artificial plants set up. It may outdoors in their landscaping, on their deck, or in a garden. It could be indoors, on a bedside table, at the entranceway, in their home theater area, or in the bathroom. Needless to say, artificial plants can be adapted to suit any environment or decor theme.

There is a right way to use faux plants and a wrong way, however. This guide shares a little of what you need to know to make the most from an artificial boxwood topiary plant and other plant types.

Privacy Barrier

Boxwood topiary plants are used frequently for privacy. They act as gentle barriers against neighboring properties or help to separate areas typically outdoors.

Large Rooms

Large rooms, like a master bedroom, may severely be lacking in the decor department. This is common when first moving into a larger-than-before living area. An artificial Hawaii Kwai palm tree is perfect for filling in a large room without being overwhelming.

Add Symmetry And Balance

Some rooms can feel very chaotic with what’s put in them. They’re just begging for an item, theme, or style to center everything in. A collection of identical, similar, or different artificial greenery arranged intuitively can add that balance you’re looking for.

Empty Corners

An artificial Monstera plant is a very impactful choice, ideal for empty corners that lack vibrancy and personality.

Direct Guests

You don’t have to make it feel obligatory but a lineup of tall artificial plants can help create pathways down which people will naturally take. In extremely large arena-sized rooms or outdoors, this is where this use takes its greatest bow.

Next To Shelving

Next to shelving, a dresser, or a TV stand, a plant like the faux travellers palm tree is thin and expressive.

Define Areas

You can use fake plants to define certain areas of an open-concept space, such as a kitchen-dining room space or outside on a deck. Use an artificial tree as a focal point or a small plant collection to hint at areas to sit, gather, and converse.

Make It Feel Different

A lot of décor experts and homeowners use fake plants to make a room feel different. A fake agave potted plant is a great example of this. It can make a space feel hot like summer, like a vacation getaway in your own home. They also work great in home theater areas and guest rooms, helping to welcome someone into these spaces with warmth.

Add Depth And Dimension

Due to the wide variety of faux plants, you can get them in different shapes, sizes, heights, textures, and looks. They can be easily blended together to create a unified theme or be used to demonstrate depth and dimension, positioning them at varying heights and arrangements.

Add Color And Texture

Add color and texture to unappealing, mundane areas. This is exactly what offices do every day. Unlike other décor accessories that would do the same, artificial plants do not distract. They somehow don’t feel entirely out of place in a work setting.

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