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Article: Home Décor Gift Ideas

Home Décor Gift Ideas

Home Décor Gift Ideas

Especially this year, the holidays are a special time to appreciate and connect with family members and friends.

As a part of your holiday gift guide 2020, home décor has got to factor in. We’re spending so much time at home, whether it’s working or in isolation as a precautionary measure against COVID-19, what’s around us carries meaning.

You don’t want to be surrounded by home décor that doesn’t motivate or speak to you in any way.

Buying gifts this holiday season, consider some of the latest home décor trends. Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you that one of the best home décor gifts this holiday season are fake plants.

Do Fake Plants Make for Good Gifts?

Fake plants are a better holiday gift than any real plant is simple because there’s no care commitment involved.

Buying a real plant for someone is like assigning them homework. A fake plant does not need anything.

The tough part is matching it to the person but that’s no different from any other gift. You have to know the person!

Some people will match well with a fiddle leaf potted plant or a spathiphyllum. Another person might prefer an artificial olive tree or a Hawaii Kwai palm tree. For something a little drier, sansevieria aka snake plants work well with a variety of aesthetics.

How Real Are Fake Plants?

Artificial plants come at all different price points. Though premium-made faux plants are in circulation, there are also cheap plants made from low-cost and low-quality materials.

If it’s a gift to someone, you don’t want a fake plant to come off as… well… fake. You want a quality-made, handcrafted plant and something that looks in-style, trendy, and green.

A fine place to start, ArtiPlanto is one of North America’s top artificial plant sellers.

All in all, how real do fake plants look – very real! Take a Bird of Paradise, for example. It’s indistinguishable from its real, live counterpart.

If you truly know the person you’re buying for this holiday season, a home décor piece like an artificial plant fits well into a home office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, on a bookshelf, brightening up an entranceway or a hallway, or in a guest room.

Faux Plants As the Best Home Décor Gift

There are hundreds of great home décor gifts that match well with fake plants.

As a home décor gift, you can use artificial plants in a wide range of ways. Mix them with pots, planters, and vases. Try adding a throw or cushion into the mix. Mirrors, art, plates, bookends, dishes, and more. 

There’s no shortage of ways to upgrade a home space with faux plants and other home décor gift ideas.

This holiday season, get your family something a little different. Find a plant that fully represents them. Every plant has a personality and a meaning, some tracing back hundreds of years. An artificial plant can mean a lot, in the right context.

Shop fake plants and more at ArtiPlanto. Find more home décor gift ideas and shop it all contact-free online.

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