Are you looking to buy fake plants and faux greenery online – check out these places!

All of these sellers provide realistic-looking, premium greenery that are a great way to liven up your office or home.

Combing through this list, you will find real-looking plants that go far beyond the designs of yesteryear. These are identical fake plants, stunning and gorgeous with no care involved. High-quality artificial plants online have never been this easy to obtain.

Select and order the plants that meet your space or home’s aesthetic.

1 – Amazon

Amazon is a natural place to go to search for faux greenery. It’s a fine store although the best quality plants aren’t always in-stock or easily found.

Amazon sells a lot of low-quality plants alongside unbeatably real premium-done greenery. The beauty about Amazon is greenery can be searched by category or placement, although the real benefits only come if you have a membership to Prime.

2 – Afloral

A great place to go for items like silk flowers, dried flowers, real plants, vases, and general plant supplies is Afloral.

They do not specialize singularly in fake plants but they do have a fair selection of them that are worth browsing, especially if you enjoy plants or have an indoor garden. The shipping isn’t expensive nor are the plants you will find here.

3 – ArtiPlanto

If there was any one brand we could call the best in North America in faux plant design, ArtiPlanto’s probably it.

They have an immensely wide selection of hand-painted and/or handcrafted premium artificial plants. Although they aren’t the cheapest, they aren’t supposed to be. ArtiPlanto exceeds the quality standards of other brands, and the process of ordering and shipping is easy. They are a must-view for anyone looking at buying faux plants online.

4 – Nearly Natural

Looking at faux plant store reviews, you will find the Nearly Natural brand to have some of the better customer satisfaction marks.

They pride themselves on having the most realistic-looking plants, trees, and flowers. Although we aren’t sure if they’re better than others on that point, certainly they deserve a mention. They also price-match which is a major benefit if you’re searching on a budget.

5 – Home Depot

Home Depot doesn’t exactly scream ‘faux plants!’ but they have a pretty good selection of affordable fake plants.

For indoor and outdoor use, a lot of interior decorators and designers without anywhere else to turn in a rush or an emergency will seek out Home Depot. There are large amounts of greenery, particularly in summer, to enjoy here.

6 – Wayfair

Wayfair offers a lot of mid-range faux greenery, both in terms of cost and quality. From tabletop plants to small faux succulents, towering artificial trees, and more, there’s a big, big selection of Wayfair.

When you can’t find something in-stock at a store like ArtiPlanto or Afloral, Wayfair probably has it. There’s something here for every space and home or office design aesthetic, offered with free shipping for all orders over $49.

Buy faux greenery online from brands you trust. Whether you are prioritizing cost, quality, or shipping, we can help. Check out premium-made, handcrafted fake plants and artificial greenery from design teams in Montreal and New York at ArtiPlanto.
andrew lu