Giving your mother the best faux flower for Mother’s Day may be one of the most trendiest gift ideas — as it will be a great reminder not just for the day but become a forever memory of your gratitude as a timeless decor that she will be proud of and cherish for a lifetime. Read on to find some of the best silk flower and many other options available at artiplanto. 

Bird of Paradise

This may seem like a very odd choice to make but it is one of the most spectacular tropical flowers that almost becomes a conversation starter wherever it is placed. 

Native to South Africa, the Bird of Paradise flower is also known as the crane flower for its unusual resemblance to colourful birds in flight. Because the flower is so colourful, always choose a complimenting elegant planter which will bring things together without stealing the thunder of its tropical flavour.


As they are one of the most liked flowers, choosing an orchid is not just the best choice when it comes to mother’s day gift ideas but just says that you know what your mother really likes. 

There is something that cannot be expressed in words about the amazing purple and white clustered flowers and leaves that brings a sparkle in everyone's eyes. Just make sure to buy stems that have oval leaves as they look great either as an individual stem or as a cluster of few stems. 

Flower frame

If you are looking for something simple, yet bold which not only makes a wow statement but also is a great reminder to your mother of how much thankful you are then an art frame is a great especially if your mother has an artistic taste. Don’t be afraid to choose flowers, sometimes the many choices can make things a little tough at the beginning but once you go past the fear and decide to break the monotony of buying something your mother will cherish for a lifetime you will find a great piece of art. 

Artiplanto has a wide variety of flower art prints in various sizes — something to suit every artist, plus when you choose flower art you will never be disappointed. 

Always remember to choose flowers that have pastel undertone of colours as they will compliment well in any decor, but if you have a mother who’s soul yearns for creativity in her life then sky's the limit and don’t be afraid to choose something unusual. 

Alexandru Popa