Just like with any other piece of home décor, how we choose a rug for home is different from a business.

If you’ve ever bought a rug before, chances are you know about the amount of thought that goes into it.

There’s so much to consider – size, shape, color, purpose, how it interacts with surrounding elements, and more.

In order to make it a little easier to look at rugs for homes v. businesses, here is our take.

How to Choose A Rug for Home

A home rug can be a lot more personal and customized to your preferences.

You don’t have to please anyone with your choice. Find a rug that speaks to you. You’ll be around it every day.

Ideally, a home rug will be warm, lively, and is likely to get less foot traffic than what a rug experiences in a business setting. This all means you can choose a more delicate rug and not necessarily have to prioritize durability.

Rugs for home décor are diverse. Consider what rug matches your existing style, aesthetic, and interior design.

How to Choose A Rug for Businesses

A business rug requires a whole different mindset in terms of what to look for and what’s most important.

Business rugs should be practical. They should be somewhat open to interpretation as they’re going to be seen by clients, employees, and customers. You don’t want something risky, inappropriate, or overly colorful.

Logistically, you also know a rug for business is going to be stepped on a ton. If you choose something purely for appearance, it’s going to get beat up quickly at a business, and then you’ll be stuck with an ugly rug.

In an effort to hide dirt, debris, and/or wear-and-tear, most commercial properties choose rugs that have richer colors.

When you buy rugs online for a business, you’ve got to choose something that’s going to last.

Can I Have A Rug for Both?

Though the differences are clear, it is possible to have a rug for homes and businesses.

If you have a home office or have customers coming into your home to meet with you, a handwoven rug can be an impressive piece of décor for guests to admire.

You certainly can have a rug that works for both. Consider your business. What is the client’s expectation – this same approach applies to general home décor as well. A rug shouldn’t fall outside the guidelines of what you’re trying to communicate.

A last consideration to make around choosing rugs for décor is to know how to identify the right size and shape.

Though it may seem basic, a rug that’s too large in a small room or an abnormally small rug establishes a sort of imbalance in a room that can be distracting for both home and business properties.

A lot can go into finding the right rug. Take these factors into consideration when looking at options. Are you looking to buy rugs online – find rugs for homes and commercial properties at ArtiPlanto. Choose yours today.

andrew lu