Wedding décor is a huge space but among the commonalities between weddings are the presence of flowers.

There’s just something romantic and celebratory about flowers that keeps them in the décor planning of so many marrying couples.

Fortunately, if you’re looking for flowers for weddings, you don’t necessarily need to have real flowers.

We aren’t talking about the fake flowers of the 1980s. We are talking true-to-life, premium, handcrafted artificial flowers that are sourced from high-quality materials and professional designers.

In deciding what sort of flowers you may want for your wedding, consider this.

Long-Term Value

There is no long-term value to real wedding flowers. You buy them once, they live for a couple of weeks if you’re lucky, and then they’re gone forever.

Are they worth it – probably not when considering long-term value.

Now consider silk flowers. They last forever. You buy them once and you can either reuse them, sell them afterward, or keep them as a memory. Fake wedding flowers have a real long-term value. Cost-wise, you get a lot more from artificial than real flowers.

They Look And Feel Real

No one wants cheap-looking flowers. There is a stigma with fake flowers. Fortunately, premium artificial flowers are in a class of their own. They look anything but cheap.

When discussing faux flowers v. real flowers, there’s no sense in comparing appearances. There isn’t a real difference here. Wedding décor services and decorators love using silk flowers as they’re so realistic-looking.

Don’t let the term ‘fake’ dissuade you. Unless anyone asks, no one will be able to guess your wedding flowers aren’t real.

You Know Exactly What They Look Like

Adding real flowers into the mix, you have to ensure they get picked at the right time.

With artificial flowers, you never have to worry about them looking like they’re wilting, fading, or dying. They always look their best. In a sense, they’re the perfect guest of honor for your celebration. Plan ahead, buy months in advance if you like, and know what your wedding bouquet will look like.

In terms of how expensive faux flowers and real flowers can be, there’s a lot more certainty in arranging artificial flowers.

Where to Buy Fake Flowers

Answering the question of where to buy fake flowers, there are a handful of reliable places to shop.

Amazon, Wayfair, and Home Depot all have an ok-ish selection of pre-done artificial plants, flowers, and greenery although admittedly, the quality isn’t there. If there’s one thing every wedding deserves, it’s quality. 

When you love real flowers, don’t let artificial flowers take you away from that. Consider a mix. Alternatively, you may be shocked at how real fake flowers are.

Whether you have allergies to real flowers, are restricted by a budget, or need a more reliable option, there’s no harm in going with fake flowers. Hopefully, this article has shown a little as to why.

Consider going with a more reliable brand, such as ArtiPlanto. One of North America’s best artificial plant design teams, ArtiPlanto has some exquisite honeymoon-worthy picks for eloping couples. Check them out. You swill swoon over what you find!

andrew lu