High-quality artisan rugs in Canada are made from various sources, including artisans and commercial machines.

When they are crafted by hand and according to designs that come from cultures unfamiliar to North America, it can be unclear knowing the philosophies behind the colors being used.

Cracking the code of color in artisan rugs, this article shares a brief explanation on the meaning of the different colors used by families and workers who have invested centuries in threading traditional rugs.

Blue in Artisan Rugs

Blue represents peace, tranquility, trust, and loyalty. It is one of the most common colors in handwoven rugs.

Unlike other colors on this list which can be naturally produced, blue shades are difficult to reproduce from purely natural sources. This has meant searching out specific natural materials containing blues which will not fade.

Red in Artisan Rugs

Red is a color of passion. It can be soft and warm or bold and energetic. Red’s known to grab attention.

This color is used in artisan rugs to emphasize aspects of design and create visual patterns and effects. Always striking, red’s a favourite in depicting impactful flowers, insects, or abstract creations.

Yellow in Artisan Rugs

Yellow represents happiness and energy in many cultures, sometimes associated with the joy of living or the light from the sun.

Though not used as often as others, many rug types use yellow as a means of emphasizing complementary colors. Yellows in traditional Persian rugs are taken from items such as pomegranates, vines, Saffron, chamomile flowers, and others.

Brown in Artisan Rugs

Brown comes from the soil and is very easy to produce.

Considered a representation of Earth, fertility, and growth, brown’s an underrated shade that’s often derived from materials like tree bark and walnuts to be used in Persian rugs.

Gold in Artisan Rugs

Sometimes mistaken for yellow, gold is a shade that’s uniquely its own. It is often used strictly in artisan rugs targeting aristocratic or prominent families.

Gold typically is a representation of opulence, luxury, and refinement. It can also symbolize wealth, prestige, and power. For all these reasons, gold is not commonly seen in rugs for the population but rather a specific subset searching for this type of Persian rug.

Green in Artisan Rugs

Green is a color that represents health, growth, and balance. Like the forest, it’s a sign of continual rebirth.

Though green isn’t the most common color in handwoven rugs, when it does appear, it is impactful.

White in Artisan Rugs

White is a color that’s universally seen as pure and innocent, and that’s exactly how it’s used throughout the crafting of artisan rugs.

White is mixed frequently with beige to create all sorts of designs, acting as a backdrop for dominant colors.

Black in Artisan Rugs

Black is a color of power. It is also associated with darkness, death, and destruction to many people.

For these reasons, one doesn’t see a lot of pure black in handwoven rugs. It is also easy to overwhelm other colors with the inclusion of black. This isn’t to say it is entirely avoided but it is uncommon.

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