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Article: Black Friday Editor Pick – Artificial Palm Tree

Black Friday Editor Pick – Artificial Palm Tree

Oh, Black Friday. How your reputation precedes you. A time to knock $100s off price tags and fetch some trendy items just in time for Christmas.

Over the past decade, Black Friday has been a day synonymous with hot deals, huge drops in pricing, and a great time to get some holiday shopping done.

This year, Black Friday falls on November 27, 2020, and just like last year, a lot of sales for the occasion are being extended all weekend long and into Cyber Monday.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or are using Black Friday as a gateway into holiday gift buying, it’s perhaps the best opportunity to find deals that won’t be available at any other time of year.

Shop Fake Plants on Black Friday Deal this November

ArtiPlanto specializes in faux plants, premium-made and handcrafted. In celebration of Black Friday, we are slashing prices on some of our best-sellers including the vibrant artificial palm tree potted plant.

Have you thought about buying a fake plant this Black Friday – there are certainly quite a few reasons to.

In terms of plants, there’s nothing like an artificial plant from ArtiPlanto. Real plants require a homeowner to care for them. A fake plant isn’t so needy. Neglect a plant like a palm tree for weeks, if you want. You won’t have to worry about it looking any worse.

Another huge benefit to fake plants is that they don’t need any sort of accommodations with lighting, climate, or temperature.

Place your artificial plant next to a huge window or a dimly lit corner, next to a heater or completely isolated from a heat source. They’re the perfect accessory to a space that lacks personality.

Why An Artificial Palm Tree

Palm trees are a special breed. They come in many different varieties and are a sought-after tropical plant.

An artificial palm tree is a great gift to yourself this Black Friday. Coming in with large classic evergreen leaves, an artificial palm captures the tree at its best appearance-wise. From ArtiPlanto, our work comes crafted by hand and adheres to strict standards in terms of detail.

You can mold the shape of the palm tree to match how you like it to be. On top of that, its placement doesn’t rely on any sort of needs such as watering, light, or temperature.

Browse a variety of palms and choose what most appeals to the use you desire. There’s no unpredictability in terms of how to grow it and maintain it. A faux palm tree is a one-time buy. Once it’s in place, you can rest assured knowing it will always look the same.

Black Friday deals on fake palm trees and other plants you couldn’t normally grow in North America are available November-only. If you have any faux plant shopping to do for you or a loved one, now’s the time to get it done.

Save your favourite fake trees and plants days before the real sales go live. Price drops are coming! November 27 is the day. Shop Black Friday sales on tropical plants, artificial plants, and fake palm trees today from ArtiPlanto.

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