Real flowers live and die. Faux flowers don’t have that same trajectory. They look the way they look for decades.

This is the ultimate power to an artificial flower arrangement – something that lasts.

Picture what your optimum floral arrangement looks like. See the vase. Think of the color-to-greenery ratio. Consider the combination of flower types you want.

The most stunning of arrangements are usually artificial and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Why real flowers have fallen out of favor – as beautiful as they are – is that they don’t always capture the moment in a way that lasts. You may only have a couple of days to share with a flower arrangement that’s real before it starts to look a little saggy.

If you’re preparing for a special occasion and it’s still days away, a floral arrangement may not look so grand when the time you actually need them for swings around. Try artificial flowers instead.

Do Artificial Flowers Look Good?

Creating an artificial floral display, you have plenty of premium, gorgeous silk flowers to select from.

Today’s faux flowers look just as good as the real thing. From a few feet away, there’s no difference. Up close, most won’t be able to tell what you are using isn’t real. If you’re worried about the appearance of fake flowers, don’t be.

How Popular Are Faux Floral Arrangements?

The popularity of faux flowers cannot be discounted. Due to their reusability, they are often preferred for celebrations such as weddings and major milestones. As the blooms don’t wither, floral arrangements like these can be set in a hotel foyer or guest room and look fantastic in perpetuity.

Artificial floral arrangements are also a common choice in home décor for millennials, interior decorators, and events planning.

What Kind of Artificial Flower Arrangements Exist?

So many varieties of fake flowers exist. Just like in the world of natural plants, you have seemingly thousands of arrangements to choose from.

From those pre-done and pre-crafted to customizing an arrangement yourself, everything’s possible.

Just be sure, when buying artificial flowers – be it individually or in an arrangement – that they aren’t your cheap, waxy-looking fake flowers that were common years ago. Look for premium-made, handcrafted flowers, artificial greenery, and fake plants from brands like ArtiPlanto or others online.

What Do Fake Flowers Look Like?

From a purely visual standpoint, when you buy fake flowers online, what you receive will be colorful, vibrant, and very close to the real thing down to the finest detail.

In many ways, these are tiny masterpieces of detail – realistic both to the touch and in appearances.

If what you’re looking for is strictly a visual impact, there’s no question that artificial flowers are better than real flowers simply for their ability to provide consistent color and for outlasting authentic, living greenery.

If only you could hold onto the perfect floral arrangement forever – well, now you can. Find artificial flower arrangements from top design teams in Montreal and New York, courtesy of ArtiPlanto. Impossible to tell from the real thing, find a display you love and once in-hand, you’ll have it for years to share again and again with family, friends, and yourself.
andrew lu