What is the one planter that you can count on to last through anything that comes indoors or outdoors – it’s cement.

Cement can withstand wind and rain, temperature changes, harsh winters, hot summers, everything in-between, and more.

Cement is the perfect material to use when potting a plant in a flourishing garden or independently on a patio or deck. They work indoors and outdoors, and are sure to keep your plants safe.

More than simply a material, cement’s very ornamental as well and comes in various styles.


The first reason why someone may choose a cement planter is because of how durable it is. Cement planters are heavy. They’re built well. They aren’t going to be ruined by weather or climate.

Concrete is Eco-Friendly

If it wasn’t so heavy, concrete would be used more in planters. As it turns out it is a very environmentally-friendly material, especially when compared to plastics and similar planter materials.

Cement Provides Insulation

Cement often comes in lighter colors. This is excellent for the roots of your plants. They can damage by darker colors absorbing too much sunlight and heat which dries out the root. Subsequently, the thicker walls of concrete also act as a barrier against cold weather. No material’s quite like cement in this way.

Comes in All Sizes

Cement planters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as you will find when you buy a planter online. If you have a tall or heavy plant or tree – real or faux – you need something that can manage the weight and volume. Cement can. There will be enough weight to the planter, preventing a topple-over. Also, enough space to expand and grow roots without crowding.

Cement is Stylish

Fifty years ago, if you would have said ‘cement planter’, most of us would have thought of something very ugly and drab. These days, cement planters can look like almost anything. Designers are mixing materials with cement and bamboo together, creating dual-looks with multiple colors, modifying the shape, using wooden-legged stands, and incorporating artistic patterns on the planter.

Where Do You Buy A Cement Planter?

Cement planters from retailers come summer are a very one-size-fits-all type of approach.

Buy cement planters online. This is where you will find the most creative planter designs as well as the best prices.

There’s a cement planter out there for everyone. Cement works with real plants just like it does with fake plants. The benefits of cement are hopefully well understood at this point. Visiting a marketplace like ArtiPlanto, you can find not only cement planters but also brass planters, bamboo planters, ceramic planters, braided planters, seagrass planters, and more.

The planter you choose should be an extension of your personality and serve an aesthetic purpose.

Cement planters are an effortless choice in building your fake plant garden. Customize them. Personalize them. Make cement a staple, whether it’s serving a plant in your living room or hiding away in your backyard. Visit ArtiPlanto today to find the right cement planter for you.

andrew lu