‘Tacky’ is a word that no home décor expert wants to see or hear around their work. Home decorating is meant to be stylish, trendy, and thematic, with modern-contemporary and minimalism dominating this space. You don’t wanrt anything that remotely tacky in a room like bathrooms, master bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, or living rooms.

Fake flowers are artificial. They’re not real. They are often made from silk and synthetics, and simulate the look and presence of real flowers. The fact that they aren’t real is what keeps decorators away. In recent years though, there’s been a clear mark in the faux plant space between the greenery of yesteryear that looks plastic, glossy, and fake, and then high-quality premium faux flowers that feature handcrafted detail on every stem and leaf.

You can buy faux flowers online from brands like Artiplanto and you won’t have to worry about tackiness.

A lot of it comes down to how you style an artificial flower. Here are one or two styling tips for flowers in home décor.

A Stylish Planter Or Vase

Whether you’re keeping fake flowers in a planter, vase, or basket, ensure the container is purchased with the same attention to detail as the flower. Find a vase or planter that isn’t distracting yet is made from premium material. This will further emphasize the implied realism.

Treat It Like A Real Flower

It may seem simple to say but it’s worth stating plainly. You make a faux flower look real when you’re treating it like a real flower. Put it in a vase with some water. Put it somewhere under the sunlight. Even a passionate flower-lover won’t know the difference.

Create Your Own Bouquets

There are pre-made flower bouquets and artificial flower arrangements available. If you enjoy being creative, don’t hesitate to buy faux flowers and create your own bouquets. This way, you can adjust the look to suit whatever vibe you want for a specific occasion and can start accumulating an inventory of your favourite fake flowers.

Reinvent Time And Time Again

If you set out a bouquet of fake flowers from a premium artificial flower brand and they forever look the same, this is going to get noticed. Real flowers wilt. To avoid this sort of “oh!” realization from others, rotate your flowers after a couple weeks. Remove them. Put them in storage. Suspicion avoided! Then, you can bring them out again in a few months.

Surround Them With Other Décor

A flower or bouquet on its own is left to absorb an observation solely on the details of its own design. When a set of fake flowers in a vase is surrounded with other décor choices, there’s a spreading of attention. This will not only prevent all the attention from being affixed on the greenery but it contextualizes your flower placement inside a décor theme.

Wipe Away Dust

As dust and debris sits atop your flower, this is what will make it look tackier than anything. Real flowers don’t accumulate dust in this way. Take a microfiber cloth and gently wipe away any debris. It is important to not submerge the artificial flower in water as it can damage the appearance.

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Andrew Lu