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Article: Are Faux Plants Better Than Live For A Corporate Business Setting?

Are Faux Plants Better Than Live For A Corporate Business Setting?

You are decorating a corporate office. You’re thinking about plants. You see artificial plants. You’ve also got real plants to choose from. What do you put in your business setting – an important question.

The real plants v. faux plants is a debate that continues to rage on. There are pros and cons to both, however, in an office setting, we have to think that artificial plants are far and away the better choice.

If you’re on the fence about which to get for your business setting, read on. This is why real greenery is too much of a hassle for an office and why faux plants are the optimum resolution to this argument of real v. fake.

Visually The Same

The detail that goes into making a fake plant today is so extensive that they’re virtually indistinguishable from a real plant. In terms of appearance, knowing you can get the same aesthetic from an artificial plant, that’s a bonus.

You Can’t Kill A Fake Plant

Try as hard as you can. You can’t kill a faux plant. The only thing to watch for is dust which is resolvable with a quick wipe using a microfiber cloth. A real plant, unfortunately, isn’t as bulletproof.

You Save Time Doing Maintenance

Buying an artificial office plant, you save tons of time in caring for a real plant. After you’ve set your plant in a location of your choosing, there’s no watering, checking it for insects, ensuring it’s getting enough sun, and other factors. A faux plant always looks its best, no matter the circumstance, and that’s a zero-second time commitment.

No Disappointment

It’s sad seeing a plant slowly die. If you are concerned about what you’re supposed to do with a dying plant in a corporate business environment, just avoid that whole scenario by opting for artificial greenery.

Wide Variety Of Faux Plants

You are limited with real plants, only to what’s in season and what’s possible to maintain indoors. Artificial plants aren’t limited to any one style or type of plant. You have hanging plants and reaching vines, flowers, greenery, grasses, trees, and plenty more fun possibilities in terms of combinations. 

Both Help With Stress

Both real plants and faux plants help with stress. They can minimize feelings of anxiety and depression which can be tremendously helpful in work settings that are traditionally prone to mental health difficulties like this, i.e. call centers and offices.

Both Increase Productivity

Both real plants and artificial plants help productivity. Studies support the idea that workers produce more when they have even a single plant in the room with them. Once again, considering that this is possible with faux plants as it is with real, there’s no reason not to go for artificial over real.

Sit A Fake Plant In A Dark Corner

A fake plant can be put in a dark corner and even with no sunlight, it still has vibes of life and warmth to share. They make for some of the best office décor, in terms of what you get back in atmosphere and productivity.

You can certainly keep some live plants around in a corporate business setting. Any business setting though is well recommended to look at buying premium artificial plants from You can craft a look of real plants that’s sustainable long-term, with the advantages of increased productivity and lessened stress while also looking great.

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