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Article: 9 Best Fake Plants To Put On Your Christmas Gift List

9 Best Fake Plants To Put On Your Christmas Gift List

9 Best Fake Plants To Put On Your Christmas Gift List

With Christmas and the holidays fast approaching, we’re getting into ‘gift buying’ season. As you search out awesome gift ideas for family and friends, fake plants might come up. Unlike real greenery, you can buy faux plants today and they’ll be just as impressive looking come the holidays. They’re, all in all, an excellent, excellent gift.

Here are 9 of the best fake plants to put on your Christmas gift list that will work for almost anyone.

Areca Palm Plant

An Areca palm plant is one of several exquisitely designed palm trees that would look great in a bedroom, living room, or home office. Although there are lots of palms available, the Areca comes with its own unique look that’s worth a look.

Hanging Plants

If you are buying for someone who does not have a lot of space, or if they’re in a condo or apartment, a faux hanging plant can be downright magical. With long vines hanging over the sides, it makes it possible for anyone anywhere to have a houseplant.

Orchid Flower

An orchid is one of the best faux flowers you can buy as a gift. It’s not too colorful. It looks very realistic. When it comes to buying artificial flowers, orchids are one of the more realistic-looking designs going.

King Palm Tree Plant

Imagine surprising someone with a massively large palm tree plant somewhere around 8” – 10” high or even bigger. If you really want to make a gesture, you can with this. It’s perfect for outdoors, decks, or indoors, assuming you have the space for it.

Monstera Plant

A Monstera plant is one of the most in-demand houseplants in North America. If you know someone who loves Monsteras, they will be shocked at how realistic-looking the Monstera from is.

Faux Fern Plant

A cute faux fern plant is a trendy plant that you can use in a dorm room, on a work-from-home desk, or just about anywhere. It’s a very easy way to liven up a room, requires no caretaking, resembles the real thing, and is very adaptable.

Snake Plants

Snake plants are also very popular and are a great holiday gift for someone you care about. Succulent-like, a snake plant is almost lizard-like and very reptilian-looking to some. A great addition to a bedroom or someone who the look would match to.

Artificial Boxwood Topiary

For someone who has a deck, patio, or backyard that they love to be in and around come summer, an artificial boxwood topiary is the perfect plant. It may even be something you can position in front of their property as a showpiece or indoors somewhere where a unique topiary shape can inspire.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

A fiddle leaf fig plant has long been a great holiday gift. It’s fairly standard-looking, with wide leaves and thin branches. It’s got some very lush green and bursts of beautiful color while not having its own personality. Its whole aesthetic is very malleable to the situation.

Shop all these fake plants and more at today. See the best holiday gifts and artificial plants, flowers, wreaths, hanging plants, boxwood topiary plants, and more. It’s all available for a limited-time on sale this holiday season.

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