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Article: Why Are Faux Plants So Popular On Instagram And TikTok?

Why Are Faux Plants So Popular On Instagram And TikTok?

Why Are Faux Plants So Popular On Instagram And TikTok?

Across social media, in any home décor photo, there is one design element you will notice occupying space in every room. That’s artificial plants. In bedrooms. In living rooms. In dining rooms. In bathrooms. Faux plants are everywhere.

Plant-related hashtags on platforms like Instagram and TikTok are also very popular. If you’re unfamiliar with fake plants and why they are so appreciated by today’s consumers, here’s a preview.

They Look Real

Advancements in artificial plant design in the past two decades have meant they no longer resemble something cheap and plastic. Particularly in the premium artificial plant category, they’re created with so much detail.

Today’s fake plants are identical to the real thing. A discerning eye won’t be able to tell the difference.

They’re Adaptable

Home décor is a big category. Depending on the color and vibe you are fixated on, some materials and décor aren’t going to work but a plant always does.

Something you will find combing through the pages of Instagram, TikTok, and on other social media is that artificial plants fit into any home décor theme. They work in any room and any season. They’re the perfect décor accessory.

Artful Design

The colors on any plan are not a singular shade. There are variants. Even a purely green plant demonstrates a spectrum of color. New faux plants have this same spectrum and it’s often painted by hand.

Stays Looking Amazing

A quality faux plant is an investment. It will look just as amazing a decade from now as it will removed from its packaging for the first time. While real plants fade and die, faux plants stay looking exquisite for years and years.

There Is Such Variation

Hundreds of fake plants exist. You can find anything from tabletop artificial plants to hanging plants, artificial boxwood topiaries, grasses, faux flowers, and tall faux trees. In each of those categories, you also have dozens of types of plants that are perfect for use in home décor.

You Don’t Have To Do Anything

You don’t have to take care of a faux plant. It doesn’t need any water or sunlight. If you’re busy and don’t have the time to take care of a real plant, a fake plant is a way to still have some greenery in your space.

No Bugs And Non-Toxic

Real plants can attract bugs. Furthermore, if you have pets or young children, some plants are toxic when ingested. A faux plant doesn’t face these same sort of issues. It’s not made from organic material and so it won’t attract any bugs. They’re also non-toxic so should a pet accidentally bite off a leaf, it’s not as much of a problem as it would be if it was toxic.

You Can Switch Planters

An added home décor element with faux plants is the ability to put your fake plant into a new planter. This allows you to customize the look of your greenery and in a way where there aren’t any restrictions. You don’t need to worry about drainage or anything of the sort.

Shop high-quality premium faux plants and more at and join the crowd on Instagram and TikTok today.

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