Stress is at an all-time high for a lot of us. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the move to work-from-home scenarios, adapting to a cycle of work and play in the same space is still a major challenge.

If you are struggling with keeping stress at bay when you work from home in New York, here are some strategies to help.

Book A Vacation

It may be difficult to arrange with pandemic restrictions being so very unpredictable but a vacation gets you away from work for a few days and can recharge your batteries.

A vacation can be as simple as booking a hotel room in the next city or a cabin out in the wilderness for a three-day weekend. This lets you disappear, de-stress, and when you return to working, you’ll be recharged and a little bit better equipped to handle what’s to come.

Add An Artificial Plant

A premium artificial plant like an Areca palm tree will do a lot for you. It helps mood. It reduces instances of anxiety and depression. It can improve work productivity. An artificial plant can relieve stress as well.

There is something about greenery – even when it’s faux – that has a stress-reducing effect.

Take Regular Breaks

It can be tempting to power through a shift without taking a break but it’s not smart. You’ll burn yourself out. It may take a few weeks for it to happen but eventually, you will run into some problems with stress.

Take your breaks. Get up. Move your legs. Get away from work for a few minutes. Have a sip of water or a snack.

Do Not Work Outside Your Shift

When you aren’t working, you should be completely disconnected from it. No work emails. No messaging or notifications about work. Make it a total disconnect. This way, your time not working actually feels like it.

When you do this and you surround yourself with the right relaxing home décor, your mind will calm.

Eat Right Throughout The Day

When we’re hungry, we’re all more stressed. We have to stay hydrated and fed, and make it a point to have regular snacks or meals before, during, and after your assigned work-from-home shift.

As you eat, you will fuel your body, calm your appetite, and give yourself the energy to keep going.

An Optimized End-Of-Day Routine

It’s easy to overstress one’s self when it feels like you’re always at work. Work on an end-of-day routine. Do it every time after a shift and use it as a way to transition to a more relaxing state.

This can be something as simple as closing your computer, rinsing out the coffee mug, and completing a quick few minutes of mindfulness with your best artificial plant next to you. This routine, after a few days, will help you disconnect and switch your mind to ‘off-work’ mode.

A work-from-home routine in New York is tough. Even though you’re at your home, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and stressed if you aren’t looking out for yourself and your own mental health. is the leader in New York faux plants. If you think you’d like to have some greenery in your office, stop by our website. Browse a large selection of 100s of plants in all sorts of décor styles.
Andrew Lu