Cement planters are uniquely shaped, wickedly fun to decorate, and make a perfect match across a wide variety of aesthetic styles.

If you are considering buying a cement planter or already have one and you want to do something creative with it, there’s no shortage of décor ideas here. So much can be done with concrete.

When you come to add a cement planter to your existing home or office, here are some decoration ideas in 2021 to consider.

An Overflowing Kaleidoscope

A cement planter is typically assigned one plant and then that’s it! You’re done!

Some décor enthusiasts may want something a little more adventurous. A little chaos in artificial plants isn’t such a bad thing.

Assemble your favourites. Pack them in real deep. An overflowing mix of faux plants looks attractive and lacks pretentiousness, something which can benefit spaces that are hyper-minimalist or modern-contemporary.

Wall Art

There’s no rule saying a cement planter has to stay on its top. Wall art is a décor approach that mixes things up.

Take your cement planter and move it to its side, allowing plants to present out the side as opposed to growing upwards and out.

If you’ve ever considered having a wall garden, ceramic planters may be the start of a customized décor piece that really stands out.

Make A Hanging Planter

Why a hanging planter – so many reasons! They save space. They’re an opportunity to craft an indoor garden suspended in air.

Hanging planters can also be created from almost anything, assuming the result can hold what it’s carrying.

As concrete is a heavier material than other planters, it’s imperative that should you build a hanging planter that it is made from equally reliable material – such as rope – which will successfully manage the weight.

Multi-Color Stones

When you buy a cement planter for décor, you establish an aesthetic in part based around cement.

Most shy away from the stone look and will blend in this cement with other décor elements. Alternatively, consider leaning into the cement aesthetic. Do this with more stones, of various shapes and sizes, and colors and shades.

For some greenery, faux plants, fake flowers, or artificial greenery works well mixed in with a landscape aesthetic of cement and stone.

Pop it With Colorful Flowers!

Should you find your cement planter is lacking some excitement, make it pop with some artificial flowers!

You can find some extremely decorative flowers from bouquets or floral arrangements from artificial greenery marketplaces like ArtiPlanto. If you’re holding your cement planter inside – as opposed to outdoors – you can also blend in any number of craft supplies in color a la colored paper.

The combination of color and cement is nothing new but it’s an approach that requires a skilled and astute eye for detail.

Fill your cement planter with the stuff of your dreams. Grow the décor aesthetic you want. Cement’s a big opportunity to help you get there with an eco-friendly, durable planter. Find the best cement planters for décor and artificial plants from ArtiPlanto today. Order yours.

andrew lu