After a hard year, this holiday season is a time to lose yourself in gifts, love, food, and Christmas décor.

The search for holiday gifts for 2020 can be tough, especially for people you don’t have many ideas for.

Fortunately, we all live somewhere. Be it a family home, apartment, or condo, we all have a household of some kind that could be in need of some sprucing up, décor changes, or a little personality.

Here are some holiday gift ideas 2020 for the home that will help make life a little easier day-to-day.

Artificial Potted Plants

Look around. There are spaces that could benefit from a little lush greenery but which aren’t necessarily ideal for a real plant. Maybe the light’s not great or you simply don’t want the commitment of having to worry about caring for a live plant.

An artificial potted plant that’s premium-made from brands like ArtiPlanto is high-quality, realistic-looking, and in a pot of your choosing can add a design aesthetic that doesn’t need ongoing care.

Plants can be a lot of work. Faux plants, on the other hand, don’t need a thing.

Decorative Plants

A potted plant may be a little too standard for some. No worries. You’ve got plenty of options in fake plants.

Artificial tabletop plants can be put on any office desk, bookshelf, kitchen table, or bathroom countertop.

Artificial boxwood topiary plants are very decorative and can be positioned outside in landscaping or inside in an entranceway.

Hanging plants are another fake plant type that can glue a whole new aesthetic to an existing environment. The beauty of hanging plants are that they take up no floor space, using up the ceiling or similarly unused space.

Artificial flowers and artificial wreaths are celebratory, reusable, and infuse a room with natural color. 

Handmade Rugs

Handmade rugs are an underrated component of a lot of home décor.

In some cultures, they’re everywhere. They don’t inherently take your attention but especially in areas such as Turkey, hand-woven rugs are an important aspect of home décor and interior design.

A lot of rooms in North America don’t tend to use rugs which is unfortunate as they take up very little space. 

Contributing cultural expression and a liveliness that makes them well worth a purchase, high-quality rugs are woven by hand and designed by experienced craftspersons.

More than just décor, you will find linen rugs and woven rugs that are astounding original and beautiful. Look through a catalogue of non-commercially made carpets and rugs, and you’ll come across many interesting textiles, naturally-dyed and weaved under the watchful eye of experts.

There are of course plenty more holiday gift ideas for homes and offices that serve a purpose routinely day-in and day-out. Let this be your start. Make someone’s home décor a little more interesting and easier to look at. Regardless of what their interests may be, we all have some investment in our home décor. 2020’s certainly been a year where most of us have been inside more often than usual. Search out fake plants, handmade rugs, decorative plants, and more at ArtiPlanto.

andrew lu